SGA Rundown: Senators kick off the new year

McCoy, Davis help new SGA leaders get oriented and connect with constituents.

Austin Green, Managing Editor

After a week of training, the new Student Government Association senate for the 2018-19 school year finally held its first meeting of the fall semester Thursday. SGA president Sierra McCoy and senior vice president Katherine Davis led the senators through several practices they will be doing for the rest of the school year. These included SGA Hour, President’s Administrative Council committee participation, and changes to SGA chapels.


Davis discussed the senate’s three open proposal dates for the fall 2018 semester. Students will be allowed to make proposals to the senate during their meetings on Sept. 20, Oct. 18 and Nov. 8.

McCoy revealed that there is currently no set chapel for SGA, which has typically hosted one chapel per semester in the past. The fall SGA chapel has been canceled while the spring chapel will be co-run by SMU and focused on prayer sessions instead of allowing select candidates to give speeches.

McCoy and Davis also said they met with Assistant Athletic Director of Communications Neil Morgan and plan to introduce a giveaway calendar that includes more freebies to be handed out across a wider variety of sports.

With several senators still waiting for their dorms’ all-halls, where they will introduce themselves and explain their roles on campus and that of SGA, McCoy had them practice their elevator pitches. As former SGA senators, McCoy and Davis stressed the importance of networking within the living communities they represent.


The senate also spoke at length about SGA Hour, the weekly senator-run event that starts Sunday at 9 p.m. McCoy and VP of community relations Katy Hendricks addressed senators’ concerns about their name tags and budget for snacks. Hendricks also revealed that she has prepared a flyer for senators to hand out when they visit floor meetings in their dorms.

Davis also reminded the senators of their roles on various PAC committees and encouraged them to connect with their fellow committee members, most of which are part of Biola’s administration. SGA advisor Laura Igram was brought in to explain the importance of these committees and what senators can expect from them.

The senators serve on the committees as representatives of Biola’s entire student body and help facilitate surveys and focus groups to gage campus-wide interest on certain issues.

Hendricks and marketing coordinator Haley Russo talked about SGA’s streamlined social media approach, which includes revamped Facebook, Twitter and Instagram approaches.

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