A playlist to bring on the perfect summer

A collection of tunes to make you happily smile and effortlessly dance.

Vic Silva, Staff Writer

Springtime at Biola is an interesting time because we are so close to being done with the year—something bittersweet as well as relieving. Some of us cannot wait to bask in the summer sun without responsibilities, while the rest can already feel their stomachs churning at the thought of being away from dear friends for such a long while. There is a helpful aid to that temporary separation from loved ones that will not only ease the heart pain but also jumpstart the lovely summertime atmosphere. Check out this summery spring playlist carefully curated to do exactly that.


San Cisco’s bouncy cinematic songwriting never fails to light up the most solemn of days. “That Boy” proves the perfect addition to any environment looking for a little pizazz in the form of sweet, fun, lyrical genius. These Aussies sure know how to have a good time.


The kings of brilliant one-liners bring a dynamically endearing summer tune clothed in the fabric of “Walcott.” This tune feels like a sunset drive, or cotton candy at the county fair. So turn up the volume and enjoy.


Fans of LANY and Joywave huddle around the lovechild of these bands. “Nver” screams romantic innovation in the form of synthy rifts that flow through your bloodstream in a way that feels so right.


Phoenix’s sound reminds listeners of movie montages or European backpacking trips as their music fills your ears with an infectious dancing vibe. Their electronic undertones serve as perfect relaxation, a wonderful companion for an unbearably hot day at the pool.


In Bay’s new single, he debuts a different sound his audiences may have never heard from him before. But I urge you to do a double take and throw any preconceived notions out the window, for I can almost guarantee his evolutional, musical persona will be a sweet surprise.


This headliner hit from Ezra’s recent album has the potential to be the song of the summer. He croons about the ultimate road trip filled with bliss in the form of good company and a special atmosphere, so put the top down and sing along to the delightful melody.


Although Brown remains a lesser known name in the indie world, this single proves to be his breakthrough banger. Through eloquent diction that screams British originality, he blesses us with this absolute wonder of a jam. Put on your roller skates and blast this at full speed.


The Dig illuminates the 21st century with their nostalgic, older feel in the ridiculously catchy “Jet Black Hair.” Their spine-tingling harmony paired with authentic storytelling make for a personal experience with the band.

9.   “22” – LEISURE CLUB

This tune encompasses late nights instead of bright summer days, but the sentiment remains the same. With clever hooks, Leisure Club paints a picture of teenage love in the purest of ways. A song that cannot help but bring out a dimpled smile.


An oldie but a goodie. Foster the People has a gift for unparalleled fun in their music, not allowing their listeners to sit there without having the urge to do a little dance. Sing along to this nostalgic slap in preparation for the lovely season ahead.

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