Veronese Cafe stands above other bland cafes

Look no further than Veronese for a charming nature-filled experience.

Vic Silva, Staff Writer

There comes a point in every college student’s academic career where they long for a change of scenery, whether through different housing situations or a new hot spot for studying. This generation evolves quickly, and with that apparent characteristic residing within millennials comes a need for the next new thing, so here comes a solution to that. Cafe Veronese will bring about peace, innovation and newness in collision with the regular coffee shop experience. Veronese proves more than a coffee shop as it explores a fine line between café and restaurant.


Located on Commonwealth Avenue, a convenient little spot in downtown Fullerton, Veronese has easy accessibility as well as a nifty parking lot right behind the property, which helps produce happy customers. Because of the convenient parking lot, customers can enter through the back way or use the front door entrance, up the steps and over the porch.

Upon walking inside, Veronese appears quite spacious with an ample amount of tables spread about the room in a freeform manner. This in itself differentiates Veronese from the packed and somewhat anxiety-ridden ambiances of other coffee shops filled to the brim with people in an often uninviting way.

The floors are decorated in a fantastic wooden finish, and the tables are each of their own brand, one completely disparate in fashion from the other. Veronese does not paint itself in the trendy and modern light of the countless coffee joints around the Los Angeles area, but instead takes the side of a more calming and elegant vibe.


But the real kicker of the whole shop shines through as soon as you step through the back door into the outdoor space. The backyard area of Veronese looks like an outdoorsy wonderland filled with extensive plant life of all shapes and colors, not to mention the broken up sections of seating.This intimate nature-filled place rings special for many reasons. The owners did a phenomenal job of creating sub-spaces of ambiance, whether that be through the furniture design or the perfect tunes. Some of the spaces are in the middle of foliage hanging from trees and bushes, leaving customers in the midst of flowery bliss, as other spaces are blocked off by a wall and are decorated with comfy but beautiful interior design. This outdoor paradise aims to conquer your heart in its endearing beauty.

Aside from the charming feel of Veronese, the food and coffee options do not disappoint. Its dining options range from fresh salads to scrumptious sandwiches to delectable desserts. With prices that prove affordable for most struggling college students, there are many options to enjoy, not to mention their outrageously yummy shaved ice served in a mason jar for cuteness purposes of course. But if food does not seem to be what you desire, look no further than their beverage menu for some solid coffee and tea. The minds behind Veronese have created a place for dynamic enjoyment whether that be for the nature, the food or the lovely conversations.

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