Bust into 2018 with some phenomenal bops

Peruse this variety of musical stylings for a good time.

Vic Silva, Staff Writer

Having a specific playlist for different seasons in life seems like the perfect, accessible and free remedy that any and all college students can attain for themselves. 2017 was certainly an interesting year in music, filled with breakthrough albums and risky musical choices by many of our favorite artists. Here are some of my favorites from last year and this year to ring in 2018.


This band provides the perfect ambiance of edgy rasp to get you doing a little jig on your way to class. Rainbow Kitten Surprise has always taken to controversial music making, but with this new single they stuck to their roots in a more traditional storytelling aspect that you will surely enjoy.


From the memorable group that brought you the beachy classic “Sweater Weather” comes “Stuck With Me,” a slightly 80s inspired tune that will allow you to pinpoint why you found yourself jamming to them back in 2013.


This heartbreakingly sweet power ballad from Borns showcases his phenomenal range through lyrics that will force you to grab a partner and give them a little twirl. Borns never fails to produce fun and exciting melodies, but here he derails his original sound a bit to give us a new treat.


Mac Demarco is always a good idea, no questions asked. But for this new year this gem of a melody will leave you with a demure smile and a magical feeling straight to your toes. Please check the whole album out while you are at it.


Diners remains a fairly unknown artist, which saddens me deeply. “Synchronicity” highlights his endearingly adorable songwriting style with wholesome wording that makes you feel so completely nostalgic you will not know what to do with yourself. If you are looking for a fantastic Sunday drive vibe, look no further.


Irish heartthrob Dermot Kennedy has a voice that will melt your insides in a way that will force him on repeat for many seasons to come. A craftsman of sentimentality, Kennedy brings his beloved influences of Ben Howard and Bon Iver to create his own brilliant sound that will undoubtedly make you feel everything.


Kendrick Lamar put out arguably one of the most moving and divine works of art any of us rap-lovers have seen in a long time. He included powerful bops like “DNA” and “ELEMENT,” but did not fail to leave us in tears with the beauty of a song like “PRIDE.” The song simply requires a listen, for it would be a loss not to.


In their most recent single, Judah & the Lion continues to further their name through their fun musicality. They seem to always know how to make audiences move and shake in a stupidly lively manner, and this song proves no different.


The budding band Mt. Eddy perfectly blends sunshine and punk to form a unanimously wonderful product in their first complete album “CHROMA.” “Metaphor” sets the tone for a deliberately enjoyable experience as you bike to unwind after a tiring day of work.


Sixteen-year-old Billie Eilish can definitely be deemed as one of the key players of this past year’s pop music scene. With a ridiculously catchy but striking voice, Eilish puts on a show through your headphones with her witty wording and dynamic beat. Go see her live, I beg of you.

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