Any Japanese foodie must experience Kopan Ramen

Fullerton offers another memorable experience with this yummy food joint.

Vic Silva, Staff Writer

Fullerton, California houses a kind of magic within it. It also cannot really be measured by any age, seeing as one of its thriving economies remains the restaurant business.From scrumptious breakfasts to yummy pies, Fullerton’s choice of eateries never fails to impress with its acute  relevance to the appetite of an everyday college students. One offering includes the snazzy Kopan Ramen. Restaurateurs may shy away from its hole in-the-wall atmosphere, but this ramen joint has enough merit to win any skeptic over.


Upon walking in, one feels instantly invited into a warm but innovative ambiance of friendly staff and laughing customers. Whether going for lunch or dinner something about its lighting remains prime. The walls reflect the precise amount of mood lighting necessary alongside some Japanese lanterns that bring about a significant amount of character to the overall experience. The service proves both speedy enough as well as particularly amiable on the Thursday night I happily visited Kopan.

Like their name suggests, they do indeed specialize in ramen. Kopan has small and large sizes, which brings the price range to a manageable $8 to $10. Their style falls in the category of a build-it-yourself dish as you choose your size, meat and the accessories to make it the most tasty bowl of ramen. My personal favorite consists of a pretty plain order of ramen with some additional pork and garlic. Their broth steams for 16 hours for a naturally flavorful taste, which only adds to the whole deliciousness factor.


The joint only offers fatty pork, pork belly and chicken breast as protein options for their bowls of happiness. If those fail to satisfy your palate then mosey on over and visit the side menu items. The sides include all sorts of things ranging from shrimp tempura to soft-shell crab, to gyoza beef and even to salted edamame. And if those meaty choices still do not completely satisfy those crazy taste buds, then grab a side soup or salad which also appear quite divine.

Kopan Ramen proved quite the memorable little place. It combines the elements of a fashionably dressed abode with the fantastically tasty necessities of everyone’s dear to their heart bowl of ramen. Kopan showcases the heart of Fullerton through the experience it provides to any and all who choose to take a seat at their glossy tables.

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