How the British influenced American fashion

Their fashion has seeped into the pores of America.


Vic Silva, Staff Writer

The Brits have influenced Americans many a time throughout this temporary life. Influences ranging from the new millennial love for tea to witty, proper vernacular used in sitcoms to promote both knowledge and dictionaries. Something seems authentically endearing about their accented tongue, which translates into an ardent love many Americans share for the British as a conceptual thing. The mark the British have left on this nation remains pretty remarkable and relevant to this day, and often manifests itself through fashion.


London, England acts as a major hub on this globe, abounding in the realms of beauty, innovation and oftentimes fast fashion. Like any place, their trends constantly evolve, but this does not mean the British do not have some staples. For decades the British have pioneered with fabrics like tweed and plaid, materials Americans have slowly but surely began to incorporate into their respective closets. Materials such as these can definitely rank as one of a kind, and certainly different, but Brits have a way of making it accessible to all kinds of people.

Americans also began to pay attention to a huge British trend—Dr. Martensboots—in the early 2000s, which were famously documented by Anne Hathaway’s character of Princess Mia in the Princess Diaries. That film alongside many others began to showcase a refined version of the punk movement as a modern day facet of every girl’s closet. Dr. Martens have thus become a major contender in the shoe market in many places in the world, with America absorbing them for their leather sleekness and spunky vibe.


Brits have also set a refined and cool standard with their fashionable taste that appreciates tights for everything they are worth. They wear tights with any and all skirts, shorts, dresses and maybe even rompers. Whatever tights can accentuate, they make use of. Tights remain a beautifully unique thing as they keep one warm but also add a fun flair to any outfit needing a little something extra. Over the years, American fashion has embraced tights with open arms, allowing more people to bask in their own individuality. With tights, Americans have received a new type of encasing for the chilly times and the warm times, something this country can show thankfulness for.

The fashion industry remains one that will continue forever relevant seeing as every human plays a part in its monopoly. Countries all over the world have brought their perspectives to change and mold what fashion means throughout history. Europe acts as one of the key players in this whole game, and the Brits do not fail to uphold the innovative minds of the European fashion label. Americans have their own uniqueness within fashion, but like any other people group the fashion world consists of a conglomeration of other cultures. Because of the Brits, Americans have acquired many interesting trends, and hopefully many more will follow.

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