Senators finish off semester with voting

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

In the last senate meeting of the semester, the Student Government Association discussed upcoming conferences with the American Student Government Association as well as a student fee audit and a proposal, and voted.

SGA senior vice president Ella Corey shared how next year’s SGA vice president of finance, technology and HR Nathan Carmack and current vice president of finance, technology and HR Keaton Kerr will present to vice president of Student Development André Stephens on the student fee audit tomorrow. She highlighted how the budgets for departments will change to adapt to minimum wage by 2022.

Senators then shared with an adjacent senate member their takeaways from the year and then shared their neighbor’s lessons with the group, including discussing difficult topics, working with administration, event management and building relationships.


SGA vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson proposed for $1,872 for SGA president-elect Sierra McCoy and senior vice president-elect Katie Davis to attend an ASGA conference on July 20-21 in Orlando, Fla. Peterson shared how conferences from this association have proved beneficial in the past.


After senators discussed the future opportunities of the ASGA, SGA president Gregory Ambrose’s proposal passed with a vote of 10-0-1.

Peterson’s proposal passed with a vote of 9-0-2 after senators voted to have a same day vote.

Carmack and Kerr’s budget proposal passed with a vote of 11-0-0.

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