SGA passes four proposals

Christian Leonard, News Editor

The Student Government Association voted on proposals from last week and also proposed and passed a constitutional amendment. Additionally, Horton senator Lauren Sutter shared about a new student-run resource fair next semester which will provide new students with information about various offerings around campus, including Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development, the Biola Counseling Center and Title IX. The precise date of the fair remains undetermined.


SGA intern Seth Gladysz proposed a constitutional amendment removing references to the SGA handbook, which no longer exists, and changing bullet points from letters to Roman numerals.


The charging stations proposal from SGA vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson was denied with a vote of 6-4-1. Senators shared constituents’ concerns that the proposal would prove a waste of money, especially considering the library already offers charging stations. Gladysz voted in place of Hope senator Chris Sandino, who did not attend the meeting. Since SGA senior vice president-elect Katherine Davis ran the meeting, current SGA senior vice president Ella Corey called in after the vote and explained their constitution did not allow for stand-in voters. She instructed senators to mark Sandino’s vote as “abstain” for the remainder of the meeting.

The SGA mugs proposal from Peterson passed in the full amount of $1,024 with a vote of 7-2-2.

The headshots proposal from junior cinema and media arts major Adam Washington passed in the full amount of $300 with a vote of 9-0-2.

The student film food proposal from senior cinema and media arts major Calen Coates and sophomore cinema and media arts major Rachel Lin passed in the full amount of $3,000 with a vote of 6-3-2. Senators shared concerns that passing the proposal would prove a misuse of the student fund and start a precedent for student filmmakers to present similar proposals in the future. Senators also considered that passing the proposal would show constituents that SGA brings change and would increase Biola’s renown if the film does well.

Gladysz’ amendment proposal was passed with a vote of 9-0-2 after senators approved a same day vote.

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