Senators take field trip to Campus Safety

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

The Student Government Association discussed the university master planand their President’s Administrative Council partnerships, had a Campus Safety visit, four internal proposals, two open proposals and voted.

SGA president Gregory Ambrose began the meeting by having senators look at the university master plan. He pointed out two key developments on the horizon, including the new cinema and media arts building and the intramural and events center.

Senators next spent time writing three to four sentence summaries of their PAC partnerships for SGA senior vice president Ella Corey to share with senior vice president-elect Katherine Davis. Several of the partnerships include the basic needs committee, Information Technology, the library and advancement.

The senate also went to the Campus Safety office to hear a presentation from Chief John Ojeisekhoba, discussing the student arrested for the possession of firearms, a new app, the public address system and officers becoming emergency medical technicians. Ojeisekhoba shared about a debriefing on the student arrest, including how Campus Safety plans to improve public communication in the future. The new app, Rave Guardian, will allow students to text in tips about crimes, press a button for an emergency call to Campus Safety and use a “safety timer” to have Campus Safety track their arrival time at a certain location if they feel unsafe. The app is scheduled to launch in August.

Ojeisekhoba also noted how four more public address system speakers were installed on the roofs of Sigma Hall, Alpha Hall, Crowell Hall and Stewart Hall last month. The system helps communication with students, faculty and staff in the event of a natural disaster or an active shooter incident. Lastly, he highlighted how two officers will complete their EMT training by August to have 80 hours of emergency coverage. The training addition came due to a budget cut to the EMT program with the Health Center in the 2014-15 academic year. Ojeisekhoba hopes to continue meeting with the senate on at least an annual basis to hear student concerns and do a Campus Safety update.


Bluff senator Janda Chasse proposed for $770 for a puppy patch. The funds would cover popsicles, puppies, posters and tip for the puppy company. The event will take place on April 25 on Sycamore Lawn. SGA and the library typically split the cost but Chasse still needed a response from the library.

Ambrose proposed for $70 to purchase five new pool cues for the Student Union Building.

SGA vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson proposed for $9,730 for two phone charging stations. The stations have eight spots each and would provide a way for students to charge their phones while having them secured by swiping their student ID or entering a passcode. Peterson plans to have one station in the SUB and remains undecided on the other station’s location, though the ideas include having it available for other departments to borrow and placing one in the Caf. The stations would also have the SGA logo wrapped around it.

Peterson also proposed for $1,024 for 200 SGA mugs. The mugs have the new SGA logo on them, and were originally given to students filled with coffee on April 4. Peterson hopes to do a similar event with the new mugs during finals weeks.

Junior cinema and media arts major Adam Washington proposed for $300 to host three days of professional headshots for students. The money would fund equipment and supplies as well as $100 for liability insurance. Washington hopes to do the event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. either April 18-20 or 25-27. Students would come on a first come, first served basis and receive their photos within two weeks via email.

Senior cinema and media arts major Calen Coates and sophomore cinema and media arts major Rachel Lin proposed for $3,000 to feed their feature film crew. The film, “Wrapped,” is a comedy about overcoming insecurities in which the main character Abby has her birthday present stolen from her by a drug dealer. They plan to do 17 days of filming in La Mirada in July and have the project ready by the end of fall 2018 for distribution and film competitions.


After voting to have a same day vote, Chasse’s puppy proposal passed with a vote of 9-0-2.

Ambrose’s pool cue proposal passed, following a same day vote, with a vote of 11-0-0.

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