SGA learns parliamentary procedures

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

The Student Government Association met for a brief meeting to discuss parliamentary procedures, senator training, the student arrest and an Azusa Pacific University email.

Hope senator Chris Sandino went over parliamentary procedures, based on Robert’s Rules of Order, after sharing a handbook with senators. He focused on explaining titles of senate members, including SGA senior vice president Ella Corey as Madam Vice President, Ms. Corey, Madam Chair or Chairwoman. In formal debate times senators are to ask Corey to speak before asking questions to other members of the senate. All proposals, including open proposals, must be made in five minutes.

Corey also reminded senators of basics of their jobs to train their successors. She requested senators share specific tips to serving as a senator in their dorm.

SGA president Gregory Ambrose lead a brief discussion on the student arrested for possession of firearms. He shared about how senators should continue to respond to students’ reactions with kindness and refer to the University Communications and Marketing email for questions students may have.

Ambrose also talked about an email he received from APU’s student body president about APU hosting a worship night on April 21 at 7 p.m.

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