Proposals pass in total amount of $6,440

Senators voted on five proposals and heard two internal proposals.

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

The Student Government Association shared highlights from Missions Conference, had two internal proposals, voted on proposals from last week, wrote SGA memories and voted Hope senator Chris Sandino as this semester’s parliamentarian. Sigma senator Makayla Smith also shared how BiolaShares will begin a weekly pop up food pantry from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday.


SGA vice president of administrative services Olivia Romo proposed for $150 to give a memorandum to Stephanie Calley for hosting a training on inclusive hiring. The training occured on Feb. 23 for Romo, SGA president-elect Sierra McCoy and Student Missionary Union president-elect Jeremy Lupinacci along with other student leaders.

SGA president Gregory Ambrose proposed for $400 to provide an incentive for students to take a LimeBike survey. Ambrose plans to use the money for an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear to give to one random student.


The Biola Film premiere proposal from junior cinema and media arts majors Raynee Hainline and Maggie Ryan passed in the full amount with a vote of 8-0-3.

Senior cinema and media arts majors Sophia Nordell and Katie Schwinck’s proposal for the Biola Film Festival passed in the full amount with a vote of 8-1-2.

After a discussion on students’ use of the New York Times, SGA vice president of finance, technology and HR Keaton Kerr’s proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 6-3-2. Senators voiced constituents’ concerns on it being a waste of money.

Romo’s proposal passed with a vote of 5-5-1 after SGA senior vice president Ella Corey’s tiebreak vote and a vote to have a same day vote. Senators were worried about paying for an event that has already passed.

Ambrose’s proposal passed in the partial amount of $300 with a vote of 10-0-1. Senators were concerned about the incentive only benefiting one student, and requested donuts and another item of Ambrose’s choice to become the incentive instead.

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