Students, faculty and staff pray for DACA

Christian Leonard, News Editor



Students, faculty and staff pray for DACA



Over 30 people gathered under the bell tower at noon today to stand with and pray for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivalsprogram.

Professor of sociology Brad Christerson, who led the event, believes approximately 20 Dreamers attend Biola, though this number remains uncertain because Biola does not offer statistics on its number of undocumented students.

The event also featured two DACA recipients, including alumna Adriana Mondragon. She shared her history and experience with DACA, having come to the United States as an undocumented immigrant at the age of five. She later attended Biola, where she formed connections and developed her education.

“This is where I found my true identity in Christ and where I learned [about] being an undocumented immigrant before God, and so now I feel like it’s my responsibility to give back to this community, but most importantly because God loves and cares for the immigrant regardless of their status,” Mondragon said.

Christerson held the event because President Donald Trump had given DACA an expiration of March 5, after which recipients could not renew their protections and would begin to face deportation. However, by Monday two federal courts stood in opposition to Trump’s decision, allowing DACA to continue until Congress passes pertinent legislation or the courts reach an agreement with Trump.

“It’s a time where a lot people are feeling vulnerable and afraid,” Christerson said. “We just want to be the body of Christ that’s there for people who are on the margins and who are being treated unjustly, and so we’re here to pray for protection and that God would surround the folks that are vulnerable right now.”

After the event, Christerson encouraged attendees to become involved with the issue by calling representatives and joining advocacy groups.

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