Bylaw amendment aids SGA election

Senators talk about caring for students, listen to internal proposals and vote on two proposals

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

Student Government Association dialogued with one another on the topics of the Celebration of Scholarship and ResearchBiolaShares and three proposals as well as voted on two internal proposals. Senators also filled out an athletics survey students will have the option to take during SGA Hour on Sunday.

SGA senior vice president Ella Corey had senators discuss criteria for the Celebration of Scholarship and Research scholarship candidates. After brainstorming approximately 20 ideas, they narrowed it down to rigor, utility, philanthropic, creativity and in-depth.

Senators heard from assistant director of Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development Lester Larios and director of intercultural education and assessment Alicia Miller Andre about the BiolaShares program. They shared their goal of “making sure students have the food they need in order to thrive.” They shared short-term initiatives such as providing light meals and snacks in the Mosaic Cultural Center and Collegium and having meals on specific students’ cards, as well as a SEID card to provide meals.


Off-campus and community senator Daisy Salazar proposed for $250 on behalf of BiolaShares to provide incentives for a survey. BiolaShares plans to partner with SGA on distributing a survey to better understand food insecurity at Biola. The money will fund 10 Target gift cards for $25 each.

Sigma senator Makayla Smith proposed for $1,000 to fund a temporary BiolaShares student employee. The student employee would work for 10 hours a week for eight weeks at $11 an hour to help establish a food pantry.

SGA president Gregory Ambrose proposed for a bylaw amendment to resolve an election problem. Off-campus students were unable to vote for two different candidates due to an Information Technology difficulty. Thus, neither of the two candidates would receive the required 10 percent of the votes. With the new amendment, the two OCC candidates with the most votes would receive the position.


SGA vice president of diversity and inclusion Leilani Bañuelos and diversity and inclusion coordinator Jase Lucas’ National Student Leadership Diversity Convention proposal from last week passed in the full amount with a vote of 9-1-1.

Ambrose’s bylaw amendment passed with a vote of 10-0-1.

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