McCoy Davis wins SGA election with 50.3 percent

Christian Leonard, News Editor

The student body elected McCoy Davis to serve as the Student Government Association president and vice president for the 2018-2019 academic year.


McCoy Davis won 695 out of 1,381 votes, 50.3 percent of the total, with opponents Sandino Sutter winning 30.2 percent with 418 votes and Lucas Smith winning 19.4 percent with 268 votes.

“I can’t feel my arms. I’ve never had this feeling before,” said Sierra McCoy, SGA president-elect and junior business administration major. “I’m excited. I’m really, really proud of [Davis]. So many emotions—excitement, appreciation most of all for the people that have been here for us since the beginning.”

During the SGA chapel on Wednesday, McCoy and vice-president elect and junior psychology major Katherine Davis announced their intentions to train senators to empathize with their fellow students and to improve communication between SGA and other departments. After taking a brief rest from the campaign season, which they based around the slogan “Enhance Your Story,” they plan to prepare training materials for senators and other SGA staff members.

“We’re huge on preparation, so we want to be ready for the staff that are coming in,” McCoy said.


Junior public relations major Jase Lucas and junior cinema and media arts major Makayla Smith ran for the presidency with the slogan “Seen, Heard, Known.” Lucas believes that while the campaign proved unsuccessful, he was able to grow closer to others because of it.

“We’re definitely disappointed, but it’s good to know that God has a bigger plan… but we’re ok —that’s a good word for it,” Lucas said. “We got to know our friends, receive love and support and [see] how God works through them.”

A photo of runners-up Chris Sandino and Lauren Sutter

While sophomore political science major Christopher Sandino and sophomore mathematics major Lauren Sutter hoped to win the presidency with the platform “Effecting Change,” they believe the president-elect and vice president-elect have the responsibility to serve the student body.

“Of course, [I’m] disappointed, but I know that each of the teams has the desire to serve SGA well, and so I just hope that they follow through with their vision and lead our students well and listen and represent their voices,” Sutter said.


Caitlin Gaines/THE CHIMES


During the same time, Student Missionary Union president-elect and junior biblical studies major Jeremy Lupinacci ran unopposed with his platform “Make Yourself at Home: Gathering to Scatter,” winning the position for the 2018-2019 school year.

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