Senators dialogue on hard topics

One internal proposal passes after SGA reflects on issues.

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

During senate, the Student Government Association discussed a new Spiritual Development group and conversed on difficult topics as well as voted on one internal proposal.

At the start of the meeting, senators heard from senior Bible major and Spiritual Development intern of sexuality programs Jacob Keeth. He began by sharing statistics about pornography: any given second in 2016 there were approximately 30,000 users of pornography, and high school students learn most about sexuality from pornography. Keeth’s primary focus included introducing a new group called Depths to lead male students towards sexual wholeness. Keeth shared several portions the group goes through, such as relapse highway in which individuals journal about when they watch pornography. Each group meeting consists of a lesson from Keeth for 20 minutes and small group time for 40 minutes. Depths will begin on Feb. 5 and continue for a total of seven weeks.

Senators also had a reflection time on the OVERHEARD@BIOLA Facebook sexual assault post from the end of last semester. SGA senior vice president Ella Corey asked senators to reflect on what they heard from their community members, how to better continue these types of conversations and serve students and their feelings of responsibility in the conversation.

Corey also had senators brainstorm topic ideas for faculty dialogues that director of administration in the office of the president Brian Shook hopes to hold throughout the semester where two faculty members on opposing sides have a dialogue on a debated issue. The ideas included immigration, feminism, firearm regulations, climate change and birth control.


Vice president of finance, technology and HR Keaton Kerr proposed for $43.25 for additional Student Union Building renovation costs.


Kerr’s proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 11-0-0 after voting to have a same day vote.

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