Spring 2019 budget passes

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

In the last meeting of the semester, the Student Government Associationdiscussed the Celebration of Scholarship and Research, course evaluations and voted on the spring 2019 budget proposal from last week.

Assistant professor of kinesiology, health and physical education Brent Peterson and assistant professor of English Aurora Matzke shared with senators about a new initiative, the Celebration of Scholarship and Research. Students will have the opportunity to submit research in their field, such as a theory based on a book, and explain how this work will create culture. Peterson and Matzke discussed marketing, including the possibility of student scholarships for the cost of presenting, and the rundown of the event. Besides presenting, students can hear from panelists on their research and why they conduct it. Peterson hopes the event will show there are different types of research and what research looks like. The event will take place on April 18.

Associate provost for faculty advancement and associate professor of Christian education Shelly Cunningham and assistant professor of communication studies Arianna Molloy discussed course evaluations. Cunningham had senators write down how they feel when course evaluations are brought up, and then she shared how professors feel, such as anxious, paralyzed and seeing it as a growth opportunity. They helped to explain where the evaluations go and their impact on professors’ promotions and tenure. Professors, the department chair and the dean receive the evaluations anonymously. Senators also shared how they feel about taking the evaluation in class, how professors should promote this and questioned the categorization of the data.

Student Missionary Union president Kristina Lowen asked senators to partake in a survey about the process for deciding SMU’s president. Lowen shared how they may or may not continue using their selection process that began last spring.

The last portion of the meeting consisted of senators writing cards for their President’s Administrative Council partnerships to insert in a gift.


After increasing hours for the executive board, the budget passed in the full amount of $61,882 with a vote of 10-1-0.

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