Deck the Haven lives on

Students and Havenites express their thoughts on the transformed Deck the Haven.


Caitlin Gaines/THE CHIMES

Haven residents and guests take part in a line dance during the resurrected Deck the Haven event.

Despite numerous adversities, Deck the Haven returned to campus with a new location and additional features on Wednesday.


With the relocation of the event to a white tent near Fluor Fountain, Haven residents had to make adjustments this year. Previous incarnations allowed each room on Haven to host an attraction. However, in this instance the tent featured five larger rooms, including a President Barry Corey escape room, a Star Wars Nerf shootout and a line dancing floor.

The increased space available allowed student bands to perform for visitors throughout the event. The event also offered snacks, as well as Chick-Fil-Asandwiches. Furthermore, students who donated a water bottle or a can of food to the event’s charity collection upon entering the tent received a ticket which allowed them to skip the lines leading into the attractions.

Haven resident and sophomore computer science major Jacob Pennino previously felt apprehensive about the new location of the event, but believes the venue did not detract from the experience.

“Normally we would have it on the floor. It worked out really well. I wasn’t expecting it to work out as well as it did. We miss being on the floor, but this is just as good,” Pennino said.

However, sophomore theatre major Lexi Pasch felt the event proved less impressive than last year’s due to the additional constraints. Because the tent hosted another event before Deck the Haven, workers could not move their supplies into the location until Tuesday.

“I think that they did the best they could with what they were given, but… it takes them six months to make every room and to build and create this thing, and they were given like a month and a half or something this year. I think they’re really trying, I really do, but in comparison to last year, last year was so good,” Pasch said. “They need to be given more time, more money and more resources.”


Despite the changes, freshman psychology major Danita Estorga enjoyed her first Deck the Haven experience.

“It’s been really entertaining. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it’s my first year, but they have so many attractions. My favorite room was the Star Wars one,” Estorga said.

Senior physics major and former Haven resident Nathan Decker acted as an emcee, explaining the various rooms to visitors during periodic announcements. He believes while the event demanded a great amount of time and effort, especially in the days immediately preceding the opening, those involved in it wanted to serve other students.

“It was a crazy process that started last night. A bunch of Havenites, just amazing guys, worked through the night in order to set up everything the way it needed to be,” Decker said. “It was complete craziness and chaos, but just a really cool thing. They do it out of love and they just want to bless the community.”

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