GRIT hosts impactful holiday event

The leaders of the blog “GRIT” invited Biola’s community to participate in a Christmas party that gives back.


Caitlin Blackmon/THE CHIMES

GRIT t-shirts lay on a table during the blog’s public Christmas event.

Caitlin Blackmon, Staff Writer

GRIT held a Christmas event to create care packages for the homeless women of Los Angeles, and enjoy some holiday cheer with Christmas music, food and a photo booth on Friday.


The women of GRIT, including sophomore journalism major and GRIT blogger Jasmyne Bell, felt excited to share a night of fellowship with those who attended while also bringing light to an important topic.

“We’re trying to benefit the homeless women of LA by giving them the stuff that’s totally overlooked—feminine hygiene. So we want to make sure that this Christmas season, they felt loved on in a really unique way,” Bell said. “To us, of course it’s a necessity, but to them, it’s almost like a privilege. So, the Christmas spirit is about giving and happiness and joy, and I…I hope that’s what happens as the after-effect.”

As GRIT continues to reach the Biola community, Bell, along with the other leaders of GRIT, wants to provide opportunities for people to come together in a community setting.

“I think we just really wanna see more events. That’s what people ask, ‘How can I get involved in GRIT?’ And since we’re not necessarily a club, we’re more of a blog, the best we can do for the student body is just put on more events,” Bell said.

GRIT blogger and senior cinema and media arts major Celeste Scott, along with the other leaders of GRIT, noted this desire for GRIT events, and responded with two community events this semester—Heart to Hart and GRIT-mas.

“We’ve tried to do more [in real life] events. So we had an event in Hart earlier this semester, and now we’re doing GRIT-mas,” Scott said. “So, we’re trying to do more things to get people involved and have students involved, like writing for the blog. We’ve had a couple of guests post. We’re trying to expand and do a little more with GRIT this semester.”


When freshman human biology major Claire Imazu heard what the event would include, she attended GRIT-mas because it aligned with her passion to serve the homeless.

“I’m from the Bay Area, and there’s a lot of homeless people. So it kind of has a special place in my heart to help out the ones in need,” Imazu said.

Admissions marketing coordinator Katie Agarth has enjoyed getting to witness GRIT accomplish all that they have so far.

“Just to see it in action and to see something that is not only resourcing women on campus, but beyond, I think that that is just an incredible thing to see come to life,” Agarth said.

Agarth hopes that GRIT maintains its purpose in encouraging and empowering women.

“I hope that it becomes a place of empowerment, a place of safety for those women on campus who need it, a resource for women to get together in all walks of life and be proud and unashamed of their process,” Agarth said.

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