President Corey visits on busy senate day


Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

The Student Government Association had a Q&A time with President Barry Corey, discussed the spring 2018 budget and voted on this semester’s last round of open proposals.

Corey opened the time by reading John 16:33 and sharing about how the semester has gone for him, specifically about his time on sabbatical. During this time, Corey stayed mainly on the East Coast, including at a monastery and several colleges. The senators had prepared questions and Corey picked several from a bowl, including what he has learned in the past 10 years, his response to the Nashville Statement and a peaceful place for him on campus. In regards to the Statement, he talked about how to care for LGBT students with the focus now on the pastoral guidance side. He also said no one should feel socially isolated or unwelcome at Biola.


Vice president of finance, technology and HR Keaton Kerr proposed $61,946.20 for the spring semester budget for SGA. The total amount comes from the estimated accumulated student fee of 3,632 students.

A total of $8,350 was proposed for general expenses, such as Collegiumscholarships, copying costs and office expenses.

The payroll category totaled $43,464 to pay all SGA employees.

Marketing and Communications’ proposed budget came out as $3,150 for internal and external branding as well as staff apparel.

A total of $3,755 was given as the appointed amount for the discretionary funds of the president, senior vice president, VP of finance, technology and HR and each senator.

The last item for the proposed budget was $1,800 under plant assets to save for new computers.

Other student groups who receive a portion of the student fee have the following proposed amounts: Student Programming and Activities for $163,440 and the Biolan and the Chimes for $84,988.80.

SGA vice president of administrative services Olivia Romo proposed for a constitutional amendment to article 10 section one. She proposed that the required GPA for students running for the executive board switch to 2.5 instead of 3.0, and for those running for other positions 2.0 instead of 2.5. Romo believes the amendment would allow for better inclusivity in SGA.


After voting to have a same day vote on Romo’s proposal, the amendment was denied with a vote of 11-0. Senators’ main concern centered on the risk some students might prioritize SGA employment over their academic standards.

The In-N-Out food truck proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 10-1-0.

The basketball shuttle rides proposal was denied in the full amount with a vote of 10-1-0. Many senators shared concerns about the dates of the games, which include the Saturday before finals and a day during Christmas break.

Senior sociology major Spencer Santos’ Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation after party proposal passed in the partial amount of $410 with a vote of 11-0-0. They decided to pass in partial because of the high cost of food.

Santos’ SCORR worship night proposal passed in the partial amount of $1,850 with a vote of 6-4-1. Primarily, senators were concerned about the large cost for the bands and taiko drums.

GRITmas” passed in the full amount with a vote of 11-0-0.

Junior political science major Jayda Wyse’s election reimbusements proposal was denied in full amount with a vote of 9-1-1. Senators debated on how best to create equal opportunity within elections, but felt the proposal did not accomplish this goal and plan to think of another way to help students afford campaign costs.

The lower campus BBQ was passed in the partial amount of $400 with a vote of 7-3-1. Constituents’ main concerns were the lack of vegetarian food options and the originally high cost of $1,340, according to several senators.

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