Last proposal day of semester totals $17,620

Rebecca Mitchell, Managing Editor

Before the Thanksgiving break, Student Government Association discussed the rebranding of SGA, heard seven proposals and voted on four proposals.

SGA vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson shared about SGA’s rebranding plan. Peterson and visual brand manager Austin Bland were inspired by University Communications and Marketing’s rebranding to take initiative and rebrand SGA. They have worked on a new logo, goals, objectives and how to communicate differently. SGA will reveal their new brand on Jan. 10.


SGA president Gregory Ambrose proposed for $4,500 to have an In-N-Outfood truck at the Feb. 3 basketball game. The money would fund hamburgers for 800 students.

Ambrose also proposed for $960 to fund shuttle rides for students to attend away basketball games on Dec. 6 and 9. The funds would cover hiring the shuttle for a total eight hours in order to drive students there and go back to pick them up.

Junior political science major Jayda Wyse proposed for $1,200 to reimburse four teams running in the spring for 2018-19 SGA president and vice president. Each team would receive $300 based off Wyse’s friends saying they would not run due to the cost of campaigning.

Sophomore journalism major Jasmyne Bell proposed for $650 to host “GRITmas.” The funds would cover chocolate and feminine care products for homeless women in Los Angeles. The event will take place in the Caf Banquet Room on Dec. 1.

Senior sociology major Spencer Santos proposed for a total of $8,530 for events occurring during the Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation. The funds would cover food and light refreshments for an after party after a spoken word poetry lounge, where students can relax and process after a day of conversing on reconciliation. The funds would also cover posters and bands for a worship night to kick-off SCORR conference, as well as a DJ and event staff for both events. The last item Santos included in the budget was taiko drums for before the closing event on Saturday.

Hope senator Chris Sandino proposed for $1,340 to host a lower campus BBQ. The funds would cover steaks, lemonade, chips, water, plates, utensils and sound equipment. Lower campus senators hope to tangibly serve people and build community with the BBQ and then go to a men’s basketball game on Feb. 15. Several senators offered options for hosting the BBQ for free through packout meals from the Caf.

Sandino proposed for $440 for a puppy patch to replace the petting zoo. The funds would cover half the cost of puppies for three hours, popsicles, ice and coolers, with the library funding the other half. The event will take place on Dec. 7 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


After voting to have a same day vote, the puppy patch proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 10-0-1.

The SGA scholarship proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 11-0-0.

The Christmas party proposal was denied in the full amount with a vote of 10-1-0. The senators shared how their constituents thought it was a great idea, but saw the event as redundant with the Christmas tree lighting and Deck the Haven.

The elections info night proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 11-0-0.

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