Vance Joy’s much anticipated return does not disappoint

Joy’s sophomore album proves his authentic consistency as a songwriter.


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Vance Joy’s newest album “Nation of Two.”

Vic Silva , Writer

An Australian heartthrob whose voice sounds like wispy summer waves mixed with pure goodness has made his home within most of our playlists. Vance Joy has captured many hearts throughout his rise to fame within the music business when his debut album “Dream Your Life Away” filled ears with perfect bliss. “Riptide” marked Joy’s most notable breakthrough that caught the attention of audiences, radio hosts and critics everywhere. Since his 2014 project, Joy has quietly hidden away working on more music, making fans sweat profusely in anticipation of what remains in store. Now four years later, Joy has finally graced the world with his much-awaited and desired second album, “Nation of Two.”

This new project of his feels so authentically him while sort of embodying indie folk entirely. Consisting of 13 brilliant songs, Joy’s new album remains very reminiscent of his first album, capturing his style in a very eloquent manner. “Nation of Two” could almost fit as the sequel to “Dream Your Life Away” since the flow appears to be incredibly cohesive and consistent. Tunes like “Wasted Time” and “Georgia” really set up the thematic and musical premise of his upcoming album.


Something innately special about Joy seems to include his kindred spirit that shines through his music-making. His songs “Call Me If You Need Me” and “Crashing Into You” are straight shots into Joy’s emotional state of being. Through his lyrical diction, he allows listeners to fully understand different parts of his humanity. He has always had a gift for allowing fans into his soul’s makeup, but with songs like this, fans will see how much importance he places on being a transparent canvas.

Joy also appreciates the sincerity of an acoustic guitar, and the simplicity of a solid, slow love song. He has a strong perception of what has worked for him in the past and what he wants to create in the future, proving his boundless talent time and time again. “Alone With Me” will have girls swooning everywhere over his sweet perception and bright dreams of love, a perfect song to accompany date night. “Lay It On Me” pairs a look into the human condition of wonder and curiosity with the desire for that person you love, allowing personal reflection to come from listening to his infectious lyrics.


Lastly, it appears necessary to highlight some simply magnetic songs on the album such as “Like Gold” and “I’m With You.” As my personal favorite, “I’m With You” serenades listeners with an endearingly tender monologue that might even move you to tears, that is, if  a complete sap like me. As for “Like Gold,” it speaks for itself as the first headliner single, showcasing Joy’s melodic genius proved through the upbeat fun that resides in the structure of the song.

Joy’s sophomore work has caused his fans some intense anxiety awaiting their beloved musician’s new material. Now that spring has come, his project has finally bloomed into fruition striking highkey happiness into the hearts of his excited fans. So please settle down with a nice little cup of hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket, and let Joy’s velvety tones seep into your bones.

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