SGA hears from UCM

Senate passes two proposals and discusses with UCM about Biola branding.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

Student Government Association passed two proposals totalling $6,250, heard from University Communications and Marketing and discussed a conference and Christmas party.

Vice president of UCM Lee Wilhite, senior director of UCM Brian Miller and director of communications Brenda Velasco spoke to senators about the “All As One” brand. Wilhite shared how UCM decided to rebrand to better inform prospective students and parents of the benefits students will receive. During the brand study, UCM learned how Biola remains serious about academics and educating the whole person, how a sense of community connects the campus and how outcomes speak louder than words.

Miller explained what the brand promises, with a focus on everyone being a culture creator. He also gave examples of where students can see this brand, including the Biola website, banners outside the gym and advertising on the shuttle. Velasco helped SGA brainstorm ideas about how they can live out the brand, including in advocating for students and during SGA Hour. Senators talked about having the brand discussed in chapel and incorporating the theme in the SGA scholarship essay question and in the SGA elections in the spring.

SGA president Gregory Ambrose and vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson talked about the American Student Government Association conference. From lessons learned at the conference, Peterson hopes to start an alumni association for previous SGA members and Ambrose will begin working on shortening the constitution from 20 pages to a maximum of eight pages.

Ambrose and SGA vice president Ella Corey shared about an after party they will host in conjunction with a donor dinner and Christmas concert on Dec. 2. The Christmas party would take place in a tent by Flour Fountain.


Off-campus and commuter senator Gianni Buonvicino proposed for $250 for Pizza on the Patio. The event would act as an SGA Hour for the off-campus community on Nov. 16. They will also partner with the Collegium to host and advertise for the event.


After voting to have a same day vote, the Pizza on the Patio proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 10-0-1.

The Deck the Haven proposal passed in the full amount with a vote of 11-0-0.

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