Chefs clash in caf — students win

Four chefs competed in the caf Wednesday to earn the approval of dining Biolans.


Claremont McKenna College chef stands behind the menu preparing crepes for Biola students.

Harmony Wheeler, Writer

Empty tables were hard to come by at Wednesday night’s Chef Wars as students crowded into the Caf to try specially prepared food selections and cast their votes for best chef. Upon entering the Caf, each student received a token to cast a vote for the best chef and the best meal.

“It’s chaotic,” said freshman Bailey Johnson as she waited in a long line to try Claremont McKenna College’s crepes. “It’s worth it, though. We won’t get it any other time.”

Executive chefs from Claremont McKenna College, Soka University, Redlands University and Biola University offered meals ranging from crepes to white butternut squash au gratin to chicken roulade stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and basil with bleu cheese butter sauce. Biola’s chef, Peter Alfaro, offered grilled New York strip steak and sweet pepper-seared chicken with rice pilaf and aged bleu vein cheese.

Chefs received extra tokens for using local produce and serving proper portions. The top two chefs will have another cook-off at a location and time yet to be determined.

Steve Rall, Biola Bon Appétit’s general manager, said this was the first year Bon Appétite has had Chef Wars. Bon Appétit based the event on television shows like Iron Chef.

“It’s a way to challenge chefs and relate to students,” he said.

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