Senators pass four open proposals

SGA hears about donations and approves four proposals after hearing one for Deck the Haven.


Christian Leonard, Writer

The Student Government Association passed all four of last week’s open proposals, listened to a proposal for a relocated Deck the Haven and received information from advancement communications and donor relations.

Assistant director of annual giving Amy Weaver and senior director of advancement communications and donor relations Kira McCracken shared their plans for this year’s Giving Tuesday, a global day of donating to communities. In the past two years, Biola has celebrated the event by raising money for student affordability. While the previous year did see an increase in funds collected, it also experienced a significant decrease in faculty, staff, student, alumni and parent contributors to approximately 450 donors, roughly half of the 2015 donor count. This year, Weaver and McCracken aim to receive at least 1,000 donors on Nov. 28.


Junior cinema and media arts major Christopher Blanco, senior journalism major Bretton Theune and senior cinema and media arts major David Phillips proposed for $6,000 to host Deck the Haven in the event tent near Fluor Fountain on Dec. 6 from 4-10 p.m. The Christmas-themed event had faced cancellation over the summer, but SGA has been discussing the possibility of its revival under its new event management program. The funds would go toward construction supplies for each attraction, advertising around campus and catering from Chick-Fil-A. The students expect to receive 2,000 or more visitors at the event, including guests from the La Mirada community.


The New York Times proposal passed in the partial amount of $1,350 with a vote of 7-3-1 after one vote to deny and two votes for lower amounts of money failed. The funds will pay for 50 newspapers a day for the remainder of this semester, but the next semester is not scheduled to receive newspapers. Senators raised doubts concerning the number of students who want the newspaper on campus, but decided enough expressed a desire for the newspaper to justify continuing its delivery for the rest of the semester.

The Operation Christmas Child packing party passed in the partial amount of $1,000 with a vote of 9-1-1. Senators felt uncomfortable with the cost of the photobooth, but decided students approved of the overall event.

The Student Union Building renovations proposal passed in the partial amount of $5,000 with a vote of 8-2-1 after a vote for a higher amount of money failed. Senators reported students generally approved of the renovations, but disagreed on the appropriate amount of funding.

The free basketball game proposal passed in the full amount of $495 with a vote of 10-0-1.

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