Italian eatery amazes with exceptional decor

Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante in Fullerton serves up memorable experiences.


Caleb Aguilera, Writer

Few cultures and styles of music induce the same romantic, charming and amorous ambiance as the Italian culture. Something about the elegant language, the renowned food and the grandiose accordion striking a tune as Dean Martin sings  “That’s Amore” evokes a sense of wonder and charm. Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante in Fullerton arouses these emotions by capturing a romanticized idea of love and Italy that everyone wants a part of.

a sense of legacy

Famous actor and dance choreographer Steven Peck originally started the restaurant to feed his dancers at Fox Theater in 1971. The restaurant quickly outgrew the theater and moved next door, where it has outlasted the theater.

Peck has appeared in numerous films with many famous actors, such as Sylvester Stallone, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. His career and connections to Hollywood give the restaurant a sense of renown, which commemorates past glories in the cinematic golden age. All over the restaurant, posters of the films Peck has been a part of decorate the walls, as well as as well as a plethora of pictures of Peck at his dance studio and with other actors. It embeds a sense of legacy into the atmosphere of the restaurant, which becomes nigh impossible to miss.

Really, the overall mood created by the decor makes this Italian eatery truly memorable. The experience begins as soon as you open the front door and find assorted decorations which cover nearly every square inch of wall space. Posters, paintings, fairy lights, mirrors, photographs and plaster cherubs monopolize your eyesight so that something will always catch your eye. It almost overwhelms your visual senses with the vast amount of unique decor featured throughout the building. However, it produces a sense of awe and curiosity which hooks and pulls you in instead. Rather than being random decor, each ornament reminisces about Italian culture and style—at least what Americans think Italian culture is.

a truly noteworthy and worthwhile dining experience

The restaurant boasts of imaginative surroundings, but the food impresses as well. The menu offers a wide variety of Italian dishes with their pizza being particularly delicious. Although, the eatery offers tasty and exciting food, it is not the finest or best tasting food. Apart from the food, the average college student may find the price less captivating than the decor, as it settles on the higher side.

Still, the restaurant has certain unique characteristics that create a sense of inquisitiveness, such as different rooms available for events. Just about any restaurant can be rented out, but Angelo and Vinci’s has multiple rooms to offer, and each room has a different theme, such as their Romeo and Juliet Room, Stanza di Luna (Room of the Moon) and the Terrazza di Amor (Terrace of Love).

This one-of-a-kind Italian eatery proves a truly noteworthy and worthwhile dining experience. The lights hanging above, the dazzling decor all around and the operatic music in your ears truly set a relaxing and memorable mood, perfect for a night out.

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