We all know Weezer, but we might not know their fanbase

Weezer fans loudly proclaim their opinions on the new singles with zero hesitation.


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Vic Silva, Writer

Weezer: renowned, beloved, nostalgic, and the proud new owners of an album arriving Oct. 27. They also happened to arrive on the scene in 1992, Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Patrick Wilson and Scott Shriner became an embodiment of teenage summer angst in nowhere else but Los Angeles. They have sold 9.2 million albums in the United States, and 17 million worldwide. It is safe to say Weezer has left their legacy of teenage beach days in all our hearts, whether that be through their recurrent songs in cinema or simply their catchy lyrics in your local thrift store.

Vapid and low quality

Weezer has been everywhere, and just when you might think 10 albums may be enough, they announce their 11th album release, “Pacific Daydream.” Like true musicians who truly want to torture the excited hearts of their fans, they have begun to release single after single. A slow teasing really, just in the form of musical bliss.

This emotional suspense started way back in March, when they released their first single, “Feels Like Summer.” This single stirred up some talk, as it often does when artists change up their sound even a little bit. With the release of this first single, fans on forums expressed some distress as they found the production of the song comically low quality and the lyrics completely vapid. Fans feared this would set the tone for the whole upcoming album, and that proved the last thing anyone wanted.

With their second single released in August, “Mexican Fender,” the Weezer audience began to feel a bit more hopeful again. Although the Weezer community still questioned whether or not this upcoming album could even be compared to the most recent album, “White,” they now felt willing to wait it out. “Mexican Fender” takes everyone back to the summer, just like any Weezer song should—it just left some thirsting for more, and not in the way you would like to think.

Then their third single made its way onto our playlists this September, as it should, because this one could definitely be defined as a banger. “Beach Boys” had much more depth than the rest, as well as an effort to talk about issues some may find unsettling. Some fans conveyed their daunted horror at the irreverence of the simplistic mention of the Beach Boys, but that opinion seems a little too off-handed. It appears obvious Cuomo simply wants to express his ardent love for a band that remains dear to all our hearts.

curiosities peeked and attentions grabbed

Lastly, Weezer released their fourth single “Weekend Woman” just a small while ago on Oct. 5. This tune contains much of the old Weezer—something even the most cynical Weezer fan would have to admit. Cuomo croons about longing to be with this girl again in sweet and endearing harmonies. He also nods to the fact that he’s aging, something annoyed fans felt grateful for, as they saw one of Weezer’s biggest problems as singing about immature topics for their age range. “Weekend Woman” leaves their audience with curiosities peeked and attentions grabbed as they wait for the final product to this tumultuous journey with their beloved band.

Despite some unfortunate feedback on the singles so far, fans still await “Pacific Daydream” with starry eyes. If you claim to really be a fan, then the jury should still be out because it might simply soar upwards from here. Weezer has had an up and down journey with their fan base, but ultimately their loyalty has kept them around for more wispy waved lyrics and young love themed songs. Make your own decision as you stay tuned for their album drop this Oct. 27.

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