SGA discusses two internal proposals

Senators share ideas on helping victims of Hurricane Harvey and learn about crisis communication.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

After hearing two internal proposals, senators brainstormed ideas to help Hurricane Harvey victims, discussed crisis communication, heard about upcoming events and participated in a game on their constitution.

In revisiting the topic of Hurricane Harvey, senior vice president Ella Corey shared an email from Houston Baptist University about a new relief fund to help students, faculty and staff affected by the hurricane. Several senators shared ideas on how the Student Government Association could fundraise, including a benefit concert, blood drive and booth during parents weekend. The senators formed a committee to finalize short and long term plans for SGA’s involvement in helping with such tragedies.

Director of communications Brenda Velasco helped senators to understand crisis communication and their role when a crisis happens on Biola’s campus. She warned against avoiding people’s questions, and advised senators without a ready response to say something like: “We will release a statement on this topic soon.” Velasco also shared Biola’s crisis communication philosophy of minimizing rumors, shifting people’s perspective of Biola, being honest and transparent and protecting Biola as an institution.Velasco discussed how wording remains incredibly important when sending out communication in these times.

SGA advisor and director of Student Programming and Activities Laura Igram shared about two on-campus events, including Heart to Hart and Culture Unveiled. Hosted by GRIT, Heart to Hart included a discussion with senior cinema and media arts major Celeste Scott and director of Spiritual Formation Chad Miller about the “Confidence Gap” between men and women on Sept. 14. The second event will have two faculty members and one student share about what it means to come from a Hispanic or Latino background to celebrate Latino Heritage Month. The event only has room for the first 60 students in the Caf Banquet Room on Sept. 18 from 12 to 1:30 p.m.

Igram also discussed possible improvements to the SUB, including new lighting and sound dampening tools in the upper SUB. Facilities management plans to fund $5,000 of the project, and senators might consider a proposal to fund more of the overall cost.

After these announcements, president Gregory Ambrose led the senators in a game on their constitution, including questions specifically on article five. At the end of the game, Ambrose further explained the different situations when a simple majority and two-thirds vote are required as well as when to abstain from voting.


Corey proposed for $450 for three rounds of donut holes to have at SGA Hour on the Sundays after open proposal weeks. The money would cover 15 boxes of 100 donut holes per time.

In hopes of raising visual brand manager Austin Prock’s weekly hours from two to six, vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson proposed for $528. Peterson explained how the new position required more work than last year’s senate budgeted for, including social media graphics and complying to the newly informed of web accessibility standards. The senators voted to have a same day vote, but the vote failed to receive a two-thirds majority so the proposal will be voted on next week.

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