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Highlighting five podcasts to help you get started.

Photo Illustration by Caleb Raney

Photo Illustration by Caleb Raney

Caleb Aguilera, Writer

Highlighting five podcasts to help you get started.  |  Photo Illustration by Caleb Raney/THE CHIMES


Podcasts remain a popular and growing form of entertainment. They possess the ability to cover a range of topics such as comedy, sports, politics, film, music and much more. However, what makes this entertainment medium unique includes the combination of the wide-ranging content of videos with the portability of music. This classic, yet innovative form of entertainment results in almost too many podcasts to keep track of. Not to worry, here are five podcasts worth checking out.

  1. Stuff You Should Know”: HowStuffWorks is an educational website that also boasts of a plethora of different shows and “Stuff You Should Know” remains one of their best. Hosted by Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark, this podcast explores the past, present and future by researching and discovering how everyday things work. From topics such as “How Itching Works” and “How Traffic Works” to “How Terraforming Will Work,” their breezy 30 to 45 minute podcast covers a wide range of intriguing stuff. They ask random questions most people do not think about, yet it proves interesting nonetheless. Some of these questions include “Is brain size related to intelligence?” “Was there a real King Arthur?” and “Can you die of a broken heart?” Anchored by the engaging chemistry between the hosts, “Stuff You Should Know” boasts a rare combination of interesting and educative content that keeps listeners curious about the world.

  2. Homecoming”: created by Gimlet Media, “Homecoming” has a unique podcast style, where they tell pure fiction in the classic radio style rather than following the traditional formula. This show is a psychological thriller that follows a psychiatrist who treats soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at a mysterious government facility. Through a series of phone calls, taped therapy sessions and conversations between the characters, “Homecoming” tells a fascinating story which unravels over the course of a six-episode season. Aside from the short episode length, about 30 minutes, this serial showcases a skilled cast with the likes of Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer. The stellar cast, gripping story and brief episodes make this podcast worth checking out.

  3. The Weekly Planet”: this Australian pop-culture entertainment show focuses on movie and T.V. properties based on comic books. However, the thing that makes this podcast memorable includes the two hosts, James Sunday—Mr. Sunday Movies—and Nick Mason. This podcast simply contains two nerds talking about comic books and movies with almost no format at all. Their wacky jokes, lack of reverence for Hollywood and willingness to admit their lack of knowledge makes this podcast both hilarious and entertaining. Apart from their unprofessional attitude, the two hosts give insightful commentary and critiques on modern blockbusters and superhero movies. Whether you have a strong knowledge of comic books or not, this podcast remains worth checking out.

  4. Football Weekly”: first of all, this podcast has nothing to do with American football. Oh yes, this show focuses on nothing but soccer. With each episode clocking in at roughly an hour, this podcast helps to satisfy soccer fans in a country that does not prioritize the beautiful game nearly enough. Still, it gets better because this show releases two episodes a week and proves itself as a perfect and entertaining way of keeping up to date on the soccer world.

  5. Serial”: hosted by Sarah Koenig, “Serial” is a high quality non-fiction storytelling podcast focusing on true crime. Each season “Serial” takes an in depth look at one controversial crime case. Koenig shows her impeccable research skills by interviewing several different people involved in the case. She leaves no stone unturned because she has a passion for the truth that keeps audiences enthralled. With two seasons under it’s belt, listeners will enjoy plenty of riveting content to catch up on.

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