Use summer vacation wisely

Students should not feel pressured to work or intern during the summer time.



Tim Seeberger, Writer

The approach of summer offers the daunting responsibility of being productive and not falling behind fellow peers. Students can do this through interning, working, taking summer courses or a combination of the three. Opportunities and decisions made for college students abound under the summer sun.

Productive yet stress-free

Students can easily impose the overwhelming nature of the end of the semester onto their responsibilities they have in the summertime. There are internships to pursue, money to make and save for the coming semester and often classes to take. A fine line exists for students to tread when it comes to having a productive yet stress-free summer. For most, it is important to save money for the year ahead and it would benefit students even more if they could achieve this through a paid internship. College students should strive to prioritize for the summer rather than overworking themselves. They should put a greater emphasis on finding time to relax over the summer rather than running out of energy for the fall semester.

If students cannot obtain an internship, then it is not the end of the world. Focusing on work and saving up for the fall semester will offer more freedom to focus on school and obtaining an internship in the fall. Having money to spend during the semester remains one of the most important things for college students so they can live comfortably throughout the semester.

Unfortunately, many students experience stress to make as much money as possible over the three months of summer. Although making money over the summer is important, having stress in the summertime is not. If an internship is unpaid, then working a job at the same time can present a large amount of responsibility for a student. Rather, students should prioritize their efforts and choose a paying internship or a job if they cannot do both at once.

Exploration of hobbies and skills

While most prioritize making money and adding a job to a resume, students must set aside time to explore different interests and hobbies. Summer remains a wonderful time to pick up a new hobby or work on improving a skill one is interested in. No matter the situation, a summer should not be wasted or used to digress.

Ultimately, students should use the summer to gain new experiences and develop newfound skills they wanted to pursue in the semester. Summer can become a time of fun and vacationing with friends and family. The stress of classes and responsibilities are lifted and this is to be celebrated by students. It is important though, to develop habits which will pay off in life after school and not let summer slip completely slip by.

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