Majority leader visits millennials

Majority leader visits millennials.



Daisy Gonzalez, Writer

As a way for students to become more politically involved, majority leader and state representative of district 57 Ian Calderon led a discussion on politics on May 11.

to hear about us as millennials

In an interest to hear from the next generation of leaders in America, Calderon has visited several colleges and universities, inviting millennials to participate in an open dialogue about how to improve upon the government. Calderon and his staff members also provided pizza, salad and soft drinks for students to enjoy.

“This event is for the representative Ian Calderon to meet with his constituents, which is Biola University, and to just kind of gain relationship with him. He really wants to hear about us as millennials,” said Lucas Webster, University Communications and Marketing event coordinator and senior political science major. “He’s part of a millennial caucus in the assembly, which is a group of millennial assemblymen and assemblywomen who are passionate about learning about millennials and what their needs are and what’s important to them.”

Calderon explained how millennials remain the largest generation in the nation as well as the most diverse in the history of America. He believes millennials have more in common with their grandparent’s generation, known as The Greatest Generation, who planned and created for future generations, rather than their parent’s generation who used up those resources without thinking of future generations. The Greatest Generation and millennials, however, plan and create for future generations by participating in civic engagement, becoming involved in public service and volunteering to help others.

“If you’re unhappy with the way things are politically… then get engaged and voice those opinions and find constructive ways to reach out to elected officials or participate in civic engagement in a way that allows you to have that voice,” Calderon said. “There is nothing greater than being able to register that vote. I mean, people died for us to have that right and so many take that for granted.”

out of the deep love of Jesus

President Barry Corey also encouraged students to partner with Calderon as leaders in the Christian community to improve the state of the union.

“My challenge to you students is — out of the deep love of Jesus in your heart that calls you to justice, and calls you to good works, and calls you to go forward and make this world a better place — to fix those parts that are broken, the systems that need to be redeemed,” Corey said to the audience.

Calderon also shared how students can have a healthy conversation with those of opposing views by taking a friendly standpoint, where each party discovers their commonalities and establishes a relationship.

“I tell a lot of people this, if we’re going to work together, I want to work together with the understanding that we’re friends as opposed to more of this business relationship or relationship where we’re trying to convince each other that each other is wrong,” Calderon said to the audience.

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