Biola cross country prepares for upcoming season

Cross country looks ahead to tougher competition next season.

Joel Ashor, Writer

As summer draws closer, cross country head coach Sean Henning has begun to look ahead to the upcoming season in the fall when Biola will finally make the transition to the tougher competition of the NCAA.

Anticipation and preparation

The Eagles are winding down their track season, and preparations for the fall are on the horizon. Henning anticipates a higher level of play and preparation for the Eagles over the summer. Biola will be competing in the Pacific West Conference next season, a tougher level of competition in comparison to the Golden State Athletics Conference, which they previously have been running in.

Henning wants to ensure his athletes are prepared for the tougher level of competition.

“They’re gonna have to be more prepared through the summer and ready to hit the ground running,” Henning said. “The expectation from me is that once we are in that conference that we’re competitive.”

Compatible athletes

With this higher level of play comes the task of finding athletes that compete at this level and will be able to do so throughout their time at Biola.

“I’ve tried to find people that would fit well with my system and that have the ability to develop into Division II athletes,” Henning said.

With a higher level of play also comes a higher level of responsibility. Biola must turn not only to their coaches to be leaders, but also their players. Henning stressed the importance of finding such athletes.

“Specifically on the men’s side, we’re really trying to bring in strong leadership, people that are very mature and will be able to lead in a certain capacity right off the bat,” Henning said.

The challenge ahead

The summer preparation for the season will not be much different from previous summers as coaches are still not allowed to be involved or present at these practices. With this restriction comes a high level of accountability to which the players hold each other. Freshman Robbie Gleeson looks forward to summer preparations and talked on what the workload would look like.

“We rest for two to three weeks to recuperate from the damage to our bodies from track season and after that we’ll start doing base training, just mileage,” Gleeson said.

As the summer goes on, they will begin speed training and get ready for the season. Gleeson looks forward to the higher level of play.

“I think it will open up our eyes to how serious we need to take it, and new challenges always bring forward good things,” Gleeson said.

As they prepare, the cross country team looks ahead in anticipation of what is to come. It is an exciting time for the team as coaches and players alike train with determination for the challenge that lies ahead.

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