Successful lacrosse season signals better days ahead

A talented group of freshmen combined with decorated upperclassmen for one of the best seasons in Eagles’ history.


Courtesy of Scott Castro

Austin Green, Writer

Aaron Klett, head coach of Biola’s lacrosse club team, had a wistful look in his eye. He had just finished exit interviews with his entire team, finally closing the book on one of the best seasons in the club’s 16-year history.

Electric talent

An electric mix of talented freshmen and senior stars led the way to a 7-5 record in the regular season and the team’s first playoff berth in years. Klett, however, was even more impressed with what had been accomplished off the field. The culture around the team had changed for the better.

“It felt like a group of friends playing lacrosse, not a team that happened to show up at the same time,” Klett said. “There was enthusiasm and joy at practices and games.”

Jonathan Shaw, freshman psychology major, credits the team’s upperclassmen leaders for fostering that culture and setting the tone for first-year players like himself.

“They’re such a strong group together, and then for us as freshmen to come in and be part of that so seamlessly was really special,” Shaw said. “They’re great coaches as well as great players.”

Klett only works part-time as the Eagles’ lacrosse coach since it remains a club at Biola. Therefore, the responsibility of organizing things like training camp and morning practice fell on the team’s three captains: senior business major Jon Prichard and graduate students Isaac Delgado and Austin Chapman. Klett ran the main practices at night but trusted the team’s leadership during the other events.

“They’re the ones that have put in all the work for three years coming into this season. It was important to them that the team improve and show that work ethic,” Klett said. “Then also the guys were receptive to that leadership, which was huge.”

Leadership by serving

Delgado, in his fourth year on the team, led by serving and by example. He not only made sure teammates knew what to do and where they were supposed to be in certain plays, but also strove to put them above himself. The team responded in turn.

“They’re willing to learn. When we ask them to do something a different way, they say, ‘Yes, sir,’ and they go out and do that thing,” Delgado said. “I’d say that’s something that has humbled even the more experienced guys.”

In Prichard’s words, the graduating senior class has “messed up the record books.” Prichard and fellow senior business major Bryce Hummel will leave as the first and second all-time leading scorers in program history, respectively. Klett, however, is thrilled with how several younger players are set to fill those massive shoes.

“We have an equal replacement for Prichard in Jacob Newport… we have replacements for Bryce with Gewecke and Harrison,” Klett said. “The work ethic from those guys in pushing their teammates, even as freshmen — like they weren’t afraid to call out a senior if the senior wasn’t doing what they should be.”

More than anything, Prichard and Delgado hope the younger players continue their legacy of using their sport as an opportunity to share the love of Christ.

“I think it’s definitely a ministry, more than people realize,” Prichard said. “We really do emphasize as captains that the lacrosse field, no matter where it is, is a missions field.”

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