The Habit chars burgers blocks from Biola

The Habit Burger Grill opened its first La Mirada branch on April 20.


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Daisy Gonzalez, Writer

The first The Habit Burger Grill in La Mirada opened on the corner of La Mirada Boulevard and Imperial Highway on April 20. Prior to their grand opening, they hosted a few soft openings, giving free food out to the first 200 guests who arrived on April 17-19.

For the fans

They opened a branch in La Mirada after noticing demands from consumers who frequented other Habit locations near La Mirada. The shopping center, surrounding merchants and the nearby Biola community, fit the qualities The Habit was looking for.

“We’ve always had that philosophy to make sure we build where our fans want us to be,” said Charlotte Lucich, director of marketing. “The Habit puts a lot of effort into making sure that people who come feel like it’s a place for them, no matter what the age, and I think there there are a lot of characteristics in the community of La Mirada that fit that.”

Rather than hosting one big grand opening event, The Habit hosted a myriad of small, soft opening days before the official opening. Along with 200 guests per day on April 17 and 19 receiving free Charburgers, on April 18, 200 guests were given the option to chose a free meal from a preselected menu of salads, sandwiches and Charburgers.

“We do various events. We like to do a couple of what we call Free Burger Day where the first 200 guests can come in and get a Charburger, fries and a drink for free. It allows them to see the menu, experience the restaurant, the hospitality, enjoy what is ‘America’s best tasting burger,’ for free,” Lucich said.

New discoveries

Students at Biola are still discovering the new burger restaurant and those who have visited The Habit are sharing about their experience with their friends. Sophomore philosophy and cinema and media arts major Austin Bland thinks a certain type of student would be most attracted to The Habit.

“My friend went and he said he liked it a lot. I think for a certain crowd there’s a market for that… reclusive artists, I would say,” Bland said.

Senior intercultural studies major Asher Koetitz remains excited to visit a burger restaurant that has a more elegant vibe to it.

“I definitely heard a lot about it. All of my friends keep telling me about them wanting to go. I’ve heard that it’s a fancier version of In-N-Out so I’ve had friends who are like, ‘Oh, let’s go,’” Koetitz said.

Other students, including Isaac Bayne, junior business major, remain interested in going to The Habit but are concerned it might be too costly.

“It is nicer than In-N-Out but it is more expensive, and if you’re going to drive anywhere anyway I would go for the cheaper version. And In-N-Out is extremely consistent every time but the fact that it is walking distance from campus I think people would go… Next year I think lots of people will go, but this year everyone’s kind of in their routine,” Bayne said.

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