Two open proposals come before senate

SGA listens to students on the topics of Biola’s LGBTQ climate, film and computer coding.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

Senators heard from various students about a LGBTQ climate survey done on campus last spring as well as two open proposals.

Hannah Hoffman, former Sigma senator, shared some of the results of a LGBTQ climate survey she and two other senators worked on with Student Development. The survey received 1,550 responses, including 378 categorized comments on the topics of ignorance, hostility surrounding the topic and recognition of pain. With these results, Hoffman brought up how the language and rhetoric towards these students on Biola’s campus needs changing. For example, using the term ‘struggling’ implies gay students choose who they are attracted to, rather than ‘experiencing,’ which better explains how everyone begins to learn who they are attracted to. Hoffman also recommended steps the Student Government Association can take in regards to helping improve the climate for LGBTQ students, including conducting an additional survey on students’ sexual orientation. She also suggested including these students in the SGA diversity and inclusion statement.


Senior cinema and media art majors John Nissen and Cat Canestrelli proposed for $2,000 on behalf of the Biola Film project. The money will go towards ice cream, live jazz music and a photo booth. They hope to share their romantic comedy film with the Biola community on May 18 in Sutherland Hall at 7 p.m.

Junior computer science major Matthew Kang proposed for $2,390.95 to host a Hackathon, a coding competition for programmers, on May 13-14. The proposed money would cover lanyards, posters, shirts and Bon Appétit-catered food. The event will begin with speakers from a non-profit organization the competitors will work to solve a problem for, with the rest of the time focused on coding and a grading of the codes at the end of that Sunday.

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