Gay pride flag stolen

Administration continues to respond to the desecrated Lent memorial.


Amelia Mowry/THE CHIMES

Jana Eller, Writer

Updated April 27 at 3:55 p.m.

During the final week of Lent, a memorial intended to mourn the lost lives of marginalized students, a gay pride flag draped around the cross was reported stolen prior to April 4.

Official protection

Starting March 1, the Lent memorial of a cross near the Jesus Mural featured a different marginalized people group each week, including black lives, immigrants, Native Americans and queer lives. Each display featured testimonies, photos, some type of textural item and Jesus’ words in scripture and a psalm.

The theft was made widely known on social media by the organizer of the memorial and alumni. Biola’s official Facebook page responded to calls of action, and administration posted a signed statement next to the memorial, officially protecting it.

Because administration was not made aware of the purpose of the memorial until the incident on social media, President Barry Corey sent an email to faculty explaining the intent of the memorial and his personal reflection on it, though the email excluded mention of the theft.

An ongoing investigation

Upon request, University Communications and Marketing gave more information to the Chimes explaining what they currently know about the theft.

“The week of April 4, a rainbow flag that had been placed on the cross was removed. The university became aware that the flag had been stolen the following day. The university has not been able to identify the person or persons responsible for removing it. The group who organized the display replaced the missing flag with an American flag,” the statement said.

Biolans’ Equal Ground has also scheduled to meet with Corey on April 28. Although the meeting was planned prior to the theft, the Chimes will follow up on the discussion with Biolans’ Equal Ground after the meeting.

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