Senators pass internal proposal

Student government approves lunch event for commuter students.


Christian Leonard, Writer

Senators heard one internal proposal and passed it after a brief period of deliberation.

Student Government Association vice president Sam Jackson reminded senators they will discuss open proposals during the next two senate meetings. SGA will then discuss budget proposals in the two meetings following.

Vice president of administrative services Angel Jesudasen noted staff applications for SGA and Student Missionary Union are due on April 24 and encouraged senators to ask students to apply.

SGA will not be meeting the week of spring break. The next meeting will be on April 27 at 3 p.m. in the SGA conference room, located on the upper level of the Student Union Building.


Off-campus community senators Leilani Banuelos and Maricel Gibson proposed for $250 to fund a lunch event for commuter students. The event, Pizza on the Patio, will be held near the outdoor Collegium entrance on the last Thursday of the month — April 27 — prior to the weekly senate meeting. They hope this will allow commuter students an easy way to share their opinions with senators before the meeting.


After voting to have a same-day vote, the senate passed the proposal for Pizza on the Patio in the full amount of $250 with a vote of 12-0-3.

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