Ballet Glorify showcases God-centered dance

Biolan dance club sets the tone for Easter through ballet.

Sabrina-faire Trujillo, Writer

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This past weekend, Biola’s very own Ballet Glorify stunned their audience with a worship-infused dance performance aimed at preparing the audience members’ hearts for Easter.

Grace and narration

The dancers performed a total of nine numbers to both popular and lesser-known hymns, including “How Great Thou Art,” “Come Thou Fount” and “Amazing Grace.” The choreographers created a blend of ballet and lyrical style dancing, combining the grace and technique of ballet with the narrative characteristic of lyrical. The women included both dancers with extensive background in ballet as well as women brand new to the world of ballet.

The show also functioned as a fundraiser, donating half of the money made to the Student Missionary Union’s East Africa team. The rest of the money will go to helping the club become a traveling ministry, bringing their dance and worship experience to local schools, rest homes and other community locations. The club desires to use their dancing to bring hope to and evangelize in their local community.

Postures of worship

The performance began with prayer and scripture reading, preparing both the hearts of the dancers and those of the audience. Club president Taylor Harmon, senior biblical studies major, and vice president Lani Miller, sophomore kinesiology major, prayed over the East Africa team, then read from Isaiah 53:5-6 and Hebrews 10. Following this, the women began their performance. As the dancers glided across the stage in fluid movement, they amplified the words of the songs to tell the story of God’s grace and Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross. The dancers truly embodied a heart of worship. Faces turned towards heaven, the audience could tell the dancers were enthralled in the worship, rather than concerned about who was watching. The routines gave all the glory and focus to God, rather than glorifying the women performing them.

The dancers’ grace and joy was evident in every step they took. Occasionally, the dancers would break off into their own improvisation — each expressing individual worship. Leaping, turning and posing in postures of worship, the women would take a moment to point the focus back to God. It was incredibly moving to see each unique way of worshiping the Lord. Throughout the performance, the audience was encouraged to join in the worship by singing along to the hymns. The club closed the performance by asking the audience to stand and join them in the singing of the doxology.

The performance was a moving experience, showing the narrative of redemption descriptively and elegantly. With roughly 50 people in attendance, the team really accomplished its goal of setting the mood for Easter.

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Ballet Glorify showcases God-centered dance