Senators lengthily discuss proposals

SGA passes two open proposals and hears two internal proposals.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

Senators debated on two open proposals and eventually passed them after hearing two internal proposals.

Student Government Association president Jessica Snow also announced SGA will host a chapel in AfterDark on May 10.

Following a mock senate for the new senators, current and new senators will hear from President Barry Corey on the prioritization process in the Lehman Board Room in Metzger on April 6.


Sigma senator Katie Davis proposed for $345 to fund a petting zoo the week before finals. Students could pet various kinds of animals on Sycamore Lawn to relieve stress. The library will again split the cost with SGA, with SGA paying $70 extra for posters.

Snow proposed for $320 to have more donuts at SGA Hour for the rest of the semester.


The Biola Film Festival proposal for $2,000 passed in full with a vote of 9-5-1. Senators were uncertain about the poorly laid out budget, but decided students were excited about seeing other students’ work.

The Student Orientation Services proposal for planners passed in the partial amount for $2,500 with a vote of 12-2-1 after two other votes for higher amounts of money, which did not pass. The senators debated on students’ use of the planners and the high cost of the planners despite SOS finding a vendor with a lower cost per planner than University of Communications and Marketing. The proposal passed in the full amount of $3,581.50 last year.

After voting to have a same-day vote, Snow’s proposal for donuts at SGA Hour for $320 passed in full with a vote of 14-0-1.  

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