Ambrose Corey takes SGA election with 55.2 percent

After a close race, Ambrose Corey wins the presidential and vice presidential race.



Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

Biola University’s student body elected Ambrose Corey to serve as Student Government Association’s president and vice president for the 2017-2018 school year.

Ambrose captalizes on second chance

Out of 1,551 votes, Ambrose Corey won 856 votes, equating to 55.2 percent of the total. Opponents WyseGeorge secured 695 votes, an amount that totaled to 44.8 percent.

“I am just completely overwhelmed,” said Gregory Ambrose, SGA president-elect and junior English major. “My thoughts are just racing with all the good things I’m excited to do with Ella and alongside the rest of the team for the student body. I want to start doing things right now.”

Though Ambrose lost last year, he chose to run again and his efforts paid off. As Ambrose and vice president-elect and junior business major Ella Corey look forward to next year, they aim to follow through with their campaign slogan “Creating Inclusive Community.” They hope to accomplish this through increasing awareness of SGA, better relationships with students and inclusivity through partnering with student groups across campus.

“I mean, I take it back to the slogan, right, just having a better community with the students and the organization, stop being so, I guess, foreign or unknown to the students and just really get to know them on a personal level,” Ambrose said.

Sophomore political science major Jayda Wyse and sophomore international business major Persi George received the phone call while they finished praying with a small group of friends. Their campaign, “WyseGeorge – It’s a Wyse choice,” took a personable approach which included them going door to door to promote their campaign.

A bittersweet end

“It was a good season of running together and still being able to grow in this. It was like a one week sprint of campaigning but we had so much thought and preparation that went way before,” George said. “It’s bittersweet… We put a lot of work into it and it didn’t happen but it’s sweet at the same time because we know that God has other plans for us.”

Although in previous years the Student Missionary Union president also ran a campaign and was elected by student votes, SMU decided to switch to an application and interview process in hopes of encouraging more people to apply and ensure the president-elect’s qualifications. The SMU president elect will be selected on March 10.

Senator elections have occurred, though the results have not been released for Hart and Sigma, the only two dorms with candidates. There are no candidates for any other senator position. Corey and current SGA vice president Sam Jackson will therefore hire the remaining senators in the following weeks. An info night on March 20 will explain the executive board positions for all students interested.

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