Four students propose during first open proposal of spring 2017

Senators vote on internal proposals and hear four student proposals.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

During the senate meeting, students came in to propose for events around campus, totalling $10,850.

Senators heard from the executive board on several updates, including Student Government Association president Jessica Snow, who discussed SGA leading another AfterDark chapel. The senators decided they would because of constituents’ positive response to the first one last semester. Snow also shared a survey for senators to have constituents fill out at SGA Hour to gauge whether they do or do not support specific student proposals. Vice president of administrative services Angel Jesudasen then coordinated a time for senators to participate in running SGA election voting booths in their dorms on Wednesday, March 8 from 8-9 p.m.


Hope resident advisors sophomore elementary education major Lauren Lazatin, senior nursing major Nataly Mehne and junior intercultural studies major Heather Smith proposed for $850 to host a series of events to raise awareness on mental illnesses, specifically anxiety and depression. They want to promote taking care of one’s brain in the same way as their body. The events will occur on March 27-30 in and around Hope Hall. The events include spoken word, a panel with professors and mental illness professionals, relaxation exercises, and stress relief activities such as yoga and watercolor painting. The budget would fund food for each night, craft supplies, stress balls, advertisements and decorating.    

Freshman business administration major Alex Loeber and Biola alumnus Raymond Mandiola proposed for $3,200 to have a Star Wars commemoration on May 4 in honor of the series’ 40th anniversary. The event would take place in the library courtyard and include an art competition, a photobooth, a live band and a raffle drawing contest to win Star Wars themed prizes. The event comes free of charge to all students, though the money raised with the raffle tickets will go towards the Sanctity of Life club.  

On behalf of a senior thesis film, senior cinema and media arts major Joseph Olvera proposed for $500 to host a premiere. The film, “All the Kids They Dance,” portrays a teenage couple who must choose between social life and death when they discover the girl is pregnant. The proposed money would cover desserts, refreshments, technician services, a cleaning fee and posters. The event will take place in Sutherland Auditorium or Mayers Auditorium on March 18 or March 25.

Mosaic resident advisors sophomore political science major Wyatt Redfern and sophomore psychology major Patrick Wheeler proposed for $6,300 to fund Mosaic Masquerade. The money would cover the cost of each themed room, food and any other decorations, including new glassware.  


Snow’s proposal for donuts at SGA Hour passed in the full amount of $240 with a vote of 14-0-1.

Snow’s proposal for the president and president elect to go to a training in Chicago increased to include the vice president and vice president elect as well. With the new additions the proposal passed in the increased amount of $1,300 with a vote of 13-0-2.

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