Court’s ruling upholds core American democracy

The Ninth Circuit depicts the checks and balances system at work.



Tim Seeberger, Writer

In regards to the history of the judiciary branch of the United States, Feb. 9 now stands as a monumental date. People around the world witnessed a major utilization of the checks and balances system this branch of the government takes part in. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the ruling on President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. The weight of this action holds more power than many think because it represents the fact the president is not above the law.

Not above the law

President Trump’s disdain with the Ninth Circuit’s decision via Twitter intensified an already interesting week in American politics. If he decides to go to court, this decision will hurt his image considering the case will ultimately lose in multiple scenarios. The case will either lose or tie at the Supreme Court, but in the case of a tie, the ruling will revert to the ruling made by the ninth circuit court.

Trump has attempted to supercede the power created in part to limit his powers. The fact he would publicly undermine the power of the judges in the appellate courts by wanting to take them to court states a great amount about his character. Even worse, his rude remarks reveal his lack of humility.

A faulty illusion

Furthermore, his ban firmly stood against freedom of religion. Contrary to popular evangelical belief, this clause of the first amendment extends to all religions. President Trump restricted access from seven Muslim-majority countries as well as giving priority access to Syrian Christians. As kind as President Trump’s gesture appear to Christians, combined with vague travel restrictions from these countries, it counts as bias under establishment clause of the First Amendment.

This nation founded itself on the principle that one branch of government could not overpower another. This massive equilibrium of power known as checks and balances still applies to the government, which stands the test of time since its creation. If the weight of this section did not seem important before, it certainly bears a larger presence today.

In all probability, teachers will use this example in high school classes to demonstrate the use of the checks and balances system in the government. Tensions ran high between the president and judiciary branch after this ruling. Tensions will continue between the two branches. The decision by the court and the events to come depict what current students learned at a young age: an action taken by the court like this is the example of democracy at work.

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