Two internal proposals pass

Senators discuss several programs and vote on proposals.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

Laura Igram, director of Student Programming and Activities and Student Government Association advisor, started the meeting by discussing a new committee faculty and staff formed in October. The basic needs committee talks about food insecure students, who do not have unlimited access to affordable and nourishing food, and how Biola can help these students and make people aware of this issue. Some of the committee’s long-term strategies include a meal donation plan through Bon Appétit and a food pantry, as well as resources for public transportation and housing supplies since food insecure students are often lacking in those areas as well.

Following Igram, several other visitors came to share about programs they want senators to promote, including director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement Gail Buck and assistant director Nicholas Jeschke, who shared about Camp Agape. The program, designed for kids who have incarcerated parents, needs volunteers May 26-29 to run the camp at Camp Cedar Crest.

Representatives from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute also came to talk about a new college study abroad program in Washington, D.C. The program includes an internship and experiential learning courses through George Mason University. Students can apply until March 14 for summer 2017.

The senators then shared updates on their President’s Administrative Council partnerships, including how Information Technology and Residence Life have expressed their interest in putting printers in all on-campus housing. The library also hopes to have therapy dogs once this semester, if they hear back from the company. Vice president of finance, technology and HR Brandon Berz also shared how the New York Times plans to increase their daily rate by four or five percent, so he is looking into other newspapers’ rates.

After their first SGA Hour on Sunday, senators shared how the hour went. Many of the senators had low turnout rates, though constituents seemed to like the idea better than senators going on rounds since the time will remain consistent.


Sigma senator Katie Davis’ proposal for hammocks passed in the full amount of $1,100 with a vote of 11-1-3.

Before voting on the constitutional amendment, senior vice president Sam Jackson explained how he changed his original proposal to eliminate the hiring process for an uncontested presidential race. With this removal, the amendment passed with a vote of 13-0-2.

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