Senators discuss budget

SGA talks about next semester’s budget and lessons from a leadership survey.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

In second to last meeting of the semester, the Student Government Association heard from director of Student Programming and Activities and SGA advisor Laura Igram on the results of their student leadership challenge survey. The remainder of the meeting included discussing the proposal of the budget for next semester.


Brandon Berz, vice president of finance, technology and HR, proposed $73,250.10 for the spring semester budget for SGA. The total amount comes from the projected accumulated student fee of 3,850 students.

A total of $8,850 was proposed for general expenses, such as staff retreat, copier, officer transition, collegium scholarships and office expenses.

The payroll category totaled $50,476.75 to cover all SGA employees.

Marketing and Communications’ proposed budget comes out as $3,150 for internal and external branding and staff apparel.

A total of $3,275 was announced as the allotted amount for the discretionary funds of the president, senior vice president, VP of finance, technology and HR and each senator.

The last item for the proposed budget was $1,800 under plant assets to allow for the purchase of one new computer.

Other student groups who receive a portion of the student fee have the following proposed amounts: SPA for $173,250, the Biolan for $51,975, the Chimes for $40,000, Multi-Ethnic Programs and Development for $9,825 and Global Student Programs and Development for $3,465.

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