Eagles benefit against Pioneers, Bulldogs and Leopards

In the last three games, the Eagles improved to 4-1 and experienced heightened NCAA competition.



Keaton Moore, Writer

With only five games left until the Eagles’ first Golden State Athletic Conference matchup, the women’s basketball team improved to 4-1 with a victories over the University of Antelope Valley Pioneers on Nov. 10 and the University of La Verne Leopards on Nov. 16. In addition, the Eagles faced the Fresno State Bulldogs in an exhibition game on Nov. 11, which offered a new challenge of higher competition.

Kirton dominates in the paint

The women’s basketball team headed to Lancaster, Calif. for their first away game of the season. Coming off their 107-point victory over La Sierra University, the Eagles put up another high-scoring game against the Pioneers.

“At Antelope Valley, we overcame a couple obstacles as a team,” said Emma Newman, sophomore forward. “First, we won, but we did so with having referees who were making a significant amount of calls only for the other team almost the entire game long.”

Battling the Pioneers alongside questionable refereeing, the Eagles clung to their lead after watching it shrink from six to one by the end of the first quarter. Gradually over the second quarter, Biola worked their way to a seven-point lead, and after halftime, they went on a 13-point streak to finish the third quarter ahead 63-45. They had a strong fourth quarter, at one time leading by 28 points, securing the win for the team.

During the Eagles’ 87-70 win over the Pioneers, senior forward Joclyn Kirton posted 11 rebounds and 10 points for her second double-double of the season. Junior guard DeMoria White led the Eagles with 28 points in the game, increasing her team-leading season points to 89.

On their way back to Biola, the Eagles stopped at Fresno State for an exhibition game. The Bulldogs hail from the Division I Mountain West Conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Although the Eagles lost 71-50, the game gave them a taste of their future NCAA competition.

Confidence to compete

“Despite the loss, we learned a lot playing Fresno State,” Kirton said. “Now that we’ve gotten that game under our belt, I think we can go into our other exhibition games against other NCAA Division I schools more confident that we can compete with those teams and win.”

Finally, Kirton posted her third double-double of the season against the La Verne Leopards as the Eagles won 87-37 on Nov. 16. Her 22 points and 10 rebounds not only helped Biola to win by 50 points, but contributed to the Eagles’ most impressive defensive show of the season. In their victory over La Verne, the Eagles defense allowed the least amount of points thus far in the season.   

The Eagles head back onto the road to face the Point Loma Sea Lions on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m.

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