Senate harkens to proposals

SGA meets to hear updates and external and internal proposals.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

The Student Government Association meeting included several updates from senators and the executive board.

Ryan Colwell, vice president of diversity and inclusion, shared his thoughts on the presidential election, including how Donald Trump’s campaign had a rhetoric of division rather than unity. Colwell hopes the senators will work on reconciliation with those who were hurt by the nomination. He also discussed meetings he has attended this semester, including one with LGBT students, associate dean of students Matthew Hooper and co-author of Senate Bill 1146 assemblymember Evan Low, but Colwell did not elaborate on what was discussed.  

Senators also shared the work happening in their President's Administrative Council partnerships, including interviews of students from uncommon denominations, such as charismatic and high church ones, on chapel inclusivity. Student Success also plans to host an adulting series next semester in three events or sessions on finances, relationships and careers.


Senior business major Carissa Vera and senior journalism and art major Alex Bell proposed for $3,500 to print 1,250 copies of Shotgun Magazine, a student-produced magazine to encourage women on campus. The magazine will discuss relatable topics, such as relationships, from the viewpoint of women, men and faculty on campus. Vera and Bell remain most excited for the stories of women members of faculty sharing stories geared towards other women on campus. Beyond the printing cost, the budget would fund 50 posters and 500 stickers.

Biola Film members, senior cinema and media arts and business major Vina Nguyen, cinema and media arts majors junior Cal Hudson and senior Isaac Sunu proposed for $2,000 for food, posters and other logistics to hold a premiere for their short film titled “Suburban Odyssey.” The film is set in Chicago in the mid-’90s with a high school romance that leads to a pregnancy and addresses the issue of abortion. Students can attend the premiere for free on campus.

Katie Davis, Sigma senator, proposed for $370 to fund a petting zoo with the library during finals week. The library staff hopes to have ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys and a mini-cow amongst other animals on an undecided day from 11:30-1:30 p.m. on Sycamore Lawn. The proposed amount would fund half the cost of the petting zoo as well as posters to advertise.

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