Make America love again

Americans cannot allow election divisiveness to extend beyond Tuesday.



Tim Seeberger, Writer

With the election behind America and a clear winner chosen, the country’s psyche remains in shambles. This race divided a nation unlike any other election. Countless stories in the media swirled about homes ripping apart because of different political preferences. High-ranking church officials backed the Republican nominee and led to a firestorm within Christianity. This election ruined the sanctity of politics in America. The people of this nation must not abandon hope in mending the severed ties this presidential race created. Americans need to unconditionally love one another again.

Sadness and disappointment

Only sadness and disappointment can describe the political state of America at this point. Now that the dust settled, Americans can see the ruins left behind from the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The year 2016 could well mark the end of political civility and not many Americans would disagree. Many college students voted for the first time only to have the options of the last people anybody would want to vote for.

This election produced no love whatsoever. Hate flew back and forth between each divided party. It seemed as if Democrats and Republicans held no common ground with each other. Between the media’s oversaturated criminalizing of Trump, to Trump supporters waving signs high that read “Hillary for Prison 2016,” the hateful words became inescapable.

How could people act so inhumane toward one another? Why must arguments with horrible repercussions insinuate when the smallest of political topics arise?

Repeating what The Black Eyed Peas famously sang once again for this election season, “Where is the love?”

The necessity for love

Americans need to bring love back. With Trump chosen for inauguration in January, the people of the United States need to pick themselves up out of the rubble of this election and unconditionally love one another again.

The nation needs to at least respect Trump by acting civil toward the winner and not protesting their presidency because they will run the country for the next four years. Embracing the new president will help this nation significantly. Americans cannot have a portion of this nation without giving the winner the basic human respect they deserve.

No longer can Americans vehemently fight for their candidates. Arguing about the election or any hot topic bears no meaning at the moment. Arguing about Hillary’s emails or Trump’s sexual accusations holds less meaning because Americans no longer have to convince one another to vote for a candidate. A clear winner came out victorious.

As a journalist, witnessing this election became increasingly horrifying in the months leading to the election. The moment the polls closed in each state across the land, so closed this horrible chapter of America’s history.

A new chapter

Now Americans need to write a new chapter. This triumphant chapter cannot contain sadness or heartbreak. This chapter can contain colossal sagas of Americans holding true to their values of democracy, freedom, liberty, love and acceptance. Historians, teachers and children can read about how America collectively reached across the aisle and extended unconditional love to everybody, regardless of race, age, gender, religion or political preference of a person. It can contain a story of love, not loss.

America tore itself apart because of the election. No can deny this fact. Now more than ever, the people of this great nation need to mend the country back together with love.

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