Pray and care for the environment

Students can display concern for the Earth in everyday settings.



Tim Seeberger, Writer

Scientific evidence studies suggest climate change exists and will affect the Earth in the years to come. From global temperatures rising to carbon levels never going below 400 parts per million, it seems evident humans need to take better care of the Earth. The current presidential candidates lack an interest in caring for for the environment. The responsibility to increase interest in caring for the environment now rests within the hands of the younger generation. Students need to pray and care for the environment.

A steady rise in temperature

The negative effects imposed upon the environment will affect the way the world operates. In the last 50 years, the global temperature rose about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit due to an unnatural amount of greenhouse gas emission. Although this may not seem like much, it causes a chain reaction. Increased global temperatures cause ice in the North and South Pole to melt. This leads to high ocean levels and coastal flooding. Shorelines steadily decrease year after year.

Global temperatures rising also leads to warming of the oceans. Although it sounds nice, it leads to ocean acidification, which causes coral to die and ecosystems to dissipate. The Great Barrier Reef will eventually die because of ocean acidification.

Although varying opinions exist within the science world about the validity of climate change, the evidence depicts a particular amount of environmental shifts since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

A sense of worry

As students, the current state of the environment should cause a sense of worry. No other option for a sustainable world to live on exists. Humans are far away from reaching Mars and therefore, students must pray for the environment and act on its behalf.

As shown, climate change is permanent to a certain degree. Students must pray for those issues because humans can only do so much for the environment.

Students also have many options to care for the environment in their everyday lives. Recycling helps reduce waste and production which both lead to less greenhouse gas emission. Although cans and paper come to mind when thinking of recycling, students can also recycle uncommon items like shoes and furniture. Walking, biking and utilizing public transportation to travel help cut down on emission. As convenient as it seems to drive, taking the Metrolink from Buena Park or the metro green line from Norwalk provides extremely cheap options for traveling into Los Angeles that take nearly the same amount of time as driving.

Simple measures for improvement

Even more minute options, such as using a reusable bottle, avoiding the use of styrofoam and only using one cup at the Caf to cut down water consumption, help in the grand scheme of alleviating the effects of climate change.

God created this Earth in such a intricate, graceful and beautiful way the human mind cannot even begin to fathom this act. Thinking of how magnificent the world is, from the sun setting and rising at exact times or flowers knowing exactly when to bloom, can become overwhelming. Why would anybody ever desire to see it all go to waste for the sake of material consumption?

God created only one Earth for human beings. Christians are called to love it in the same way they are called to love one another. God created the Earth before he created humans. Christians are called to love both.

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