Justin Timberlake has 20/20 hindsight

With a performer’s new concert movie out, fans can see if it feels like going to one of his shows.



Joseph Lyons, Writer

Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour ended Jan. 2, 2015. On Oct. 12, “Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids” came onto Netflix‘s watch list. Those with Netflix accounts can now experience a magical show after the event, raising the question of whether the recording captures the concert. The simple answer: no, it does not.

A Master Collection

This movie can not compare to the live show. However, it does give an experience entirely unique to the medium. The music alone represents a master collection of seemingly what Timberlake felt like singing that night, as the track list contains songs from every one of his albums, including his part of Jay-Z’s song “Holy Grail” and a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” The sound itself feels like a live album and does a great job of including sounds of the crowd in the proper moments. This editing takes away from a live experience as the constant cacophony of the crowd becomes an instrument instead of the force of nature you would actually experience at a live concert.

The cinematography does an excellent job of giving a look at all of the components of the Las Vegas show. Considering the title of the movie does have the “+ The Tennessee Kids” in it, this actually makes sense, and as fun as Timberlake looks, sometimes watching the drummer hammer out a solo steals the show. The cameras still follow Timberlake quite closely, but the constant shifts of lighting and focus give a great feel to this movie. Watching Timberlake dance with his team and then giving glimpses of a trumpeter smiling as he finishes a hook makes this movie a very lighthearted watch that drags you into enjoying the sheer charisma of this band and their lead singer.

Glimpses of Personality

The opening to the movie shows Timberlake walking into the venue and gives quick glimpses into his personality and that of the Tennessee Kids. It also includes a scene of the team praying together and giving a football style pre-game speech, humanizing Timberlake in a great way. In a live show you see the superstar, but with this small introductory glimpse, we meet him right before he gives a superb performance. The constant close-ups of his smiling face do not look fake or pandering but instead portray a real, genuine emotions of a man and his band enjoying their last show together.

It becomes hard not to find oneself wrapped up in this movie. With no dull moments and the songs linked either with quick shows of musical genius by one of the band members or Timberlake’s witty banter to his crowd, one simply can not tear himself away. As much as the crowd enjoys the show, it does not compare to how much Timberlake and his band enjoy themselves, and it becomes hard not to smile with them. Timberlake makes it incredibly easy to have fun with this movie, as he started having fun the second it started.

In the end, we see a crew set up the stage. As the credits roll, the experience finishes and technically begins. On first instinct, one might call this movie an extended music video. But truly, this movie becomes the documentary of a celebration, a celebration Timberlake wanted to give this tour and this wonderful band of his. A celebration he wants you to join in on.

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