Second round of open proposals totals $17,689

Senate hears four open proposals and votes on one internal proposal.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

The Student Government Association discussed updates from the executive board, including how two new businesses, UFC Gym and La Mirada Barbershop, will join the list of other businesses on the Go Card. Another new addition includes campus wide newsletters and the possibility of hammocks around campus. The last update came from president Jessica Snow, who said she spent significantly less on the voter registration booth, especially because Student Development paid for the posters.

SGA heard their second set of open proposals of the semester, with the amount totalling to $17,689.


Jason Khera, senior cinema and media arts major, returned and reproposed for $3,684 for the Biola Dance-a-thon. The money would cover marketing, guest services, emergency medical technicians and compensation for DJs. The previous proposal asked SGA to primarily cover food, which senators were uncomfortable funding. Khera also addressed the concerns of registration and accessibility for students by explaining how Biola students will receive priority in sign-ups and carpool teams will be set up for students to reach the venue.

Bretton Theune, junior journalism major, and Zachary Ikeda, junior sociology major, asked for $5,105 for Deck the Haven, in comparison to last year’s $5,495. The event happens every year the week before finals on the first floor of Hart in celebration of Christmas. The funding of the event would go towards wrapping paper, Christmas lights, business cards, posters and supplies for each room.

In hopes of holding the Shed the Shame event again, senior intercultural studies major Kayla Bumpass proposed for $2,000. The event on Nov. 10 includes testimonials from women leaders on campus who have experienced shame from the Christian community in the past, as well as a time of worship where resident directors, spiritual formation and the Biola Counseling Center will be available to talk with students. A large portion of the money would go towards t-shirts reading “Hello my name is redeemed” given to each of the attendees. Last year, Bumpass proposed for $470, and the increased cost this year is mainly due to the t-shirts.

The last proposal came from junior business major Alyson Hakes and sophomore business major Jordyn Jensen for $6,900 for the Woven Conference in March 2017. The conference hopes to have three speakers talk to women about bringing together work and faith. Two large portions of the funding will go towards covering student fees for the conference and buying three banners for years to come. The banners add about $2,000 to the proposal in comparison to last year’s proposal of $4,614.35.


The senate passed last week’s internal proposal for SGA student scholarships in the full amount of $10,000 with a vote of 14-0-1.

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