“How to Get Away with Murder” gains momentum

Annalise Keating reached her breaking point with secrets, crimes and heartbreak.



Cassidy Campos, Writer

Many see the crime of murder as a horrific tragedy, but for Annalise Keating, main character of the crime drama called “How to Get away with Murder,” the act of murder has become another stroll in the park. Season three begins stronger than ever with rising action and shock leaving the audience begging for answers.

Disjointing use of flashbacks

From previous seasons, the audience has gained a grasp of the show’s constant use of flashbacks. The use of flashbacks became a bit confusing to the viewers in season one, but has become effortless to the viewers now. Shonda Rhimes, writer of the series, has become known for catching the audience off guard with jarring events.

Viewers may think they know what will happen next: they have no idea. Since the series premiered on Sept. 22, twists and turns have only become more intense. The first episode of this season was titled “We are Good People Now,” but as the episode progresses and another episode passes it becomes transparent that a murder can never be seen as “good.”

Keating, played by Viola Davis, still has many more secrets in store for the audience, as Shonda Rhimes planned. Both actor and writer inject their personalities into the series, which has played out through this season. In the opening premiere of this series, it instantly closes in on Annalise hiding a secret phone, and the secrets continues with the latest episode.

Though this series can get a bit serious with abused victims of terrible crimes becoming involved, glimpses of comedy appear so Rhimes can lighten up the mood. Director Bill D’ Elia continues doing an amazing job with transition shots, such as from hearing the noise of a smashing phone to a car crash.

Leaving the audience wondering

Actors like Jack Falahee playing Conner Walsh and Alfred Enoch playing Wes Gibbins add an amazing contribution to this show. The light really shines upon Falahee when he does a phenomenal job of playing the role of a pre-law student that cracks under pressure. Alfred Enoch hides in the shadows, but still has a major impact on the series because Annalise shows emotion and favoritism towards Wes. This stands out to the audience because Annalise Keating is a character played to have no emotion. This leaves the audience wondering if Annalise has any kind of connection towards Wes because the options are unlimited with Shonda Rhimes.

Fast forwarding to episode two of season three of “How to Get Away with Murder,” the chase for Annalise’s old assistant Frank resumes. Heartaches continue when couples break up, and scandals pile up when Annalise gets suspended from her job as a professor at a university. Annalise refuses this penalization because, as she says, she is seen as the “victim” and uses her knowledge as a lawyer to her advantage, shortly saving her job. One thing remains certain: Annalise Keating has broken down as the last scene of the episode depicts, as her house burns down.

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